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Pentagon Looses Track of $6.5 Trillion Embezzled “Unaccounted Funds” at Expense of US Tax Payers

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Pentagon Looses Track of $6.5 Trillion Embezzled “Unaccounted Funds” at Expense of US Tax Payers

Catherine Austin Fitts just published documentation of Department of Defense (DOD) official audit reports from 1998 that acknowledge “losing track” of $6.5 trillion, along with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) admission of “losing” over $100 billion. This is euphemistically termed “unaccounted,” and literally means that DOD agrees they received these funds, agrees the funds are gone, and then claims to not have records of where the money went.

This is the work of Dr. Mark Skidmore and graduate students; Dr. Skidmore is the Director of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University and Professor and Morris Chair in State and Local Gov’t Finance and Policy. Catherine was managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner for HUD in the first Bush Administration, and president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. She has designed and closed over $25 billion of transactions and investments to-date, and has led investment strategy for $300 billion of financial assets and liabilities.

I wrote last year upon publication of DOD’s report. Of course, such “official” looting never happens with lawful accounting because records always show where the money goes. This would be like your bank agreeing they received a $65,000 deposit from you, agreeing the money was gone, and not refunding your account while claiming no further information of this “unaccountable,” “lost,” and “missing” money.

The most common historical explanation of governments “losing” money is, of course, embezzlement to enrich an oligarchy.

$6.5 trillion means how much now?

~$65,000 per US average household, based upon ~$50,000 annual income. This means if your household’s annual income is ~$100,000, your family was looted ~$130,000.

Embezzling a billion dollars from a US military project 6,500 times.

Embezzling a billion dollars of our tax money every day for 18 years (that’s $10 from every US household everyday).

Please read those three real-world comparisons twice to allow your emotions to feel the outrageous .01% looting of your family.

An Inspector General is supposed to be head of an independent and non-partisan auditing organization to discover and investigate waste, embezzlement, and fraud. They are supposed to act as “watchdogs” to ensure government agencies are transparent and lawful, with power to subpoena and take testimonies under oath.

full article here :- http://www.globalresearch.ca/pentagon-looses-track-of-6-5-trillion-embezzled-unaccounted-funds-at-expense-of-us-tax-payers/5600425

when we look around the streets in any city in any western country, you can see exactly where money needs spending, from road repairs to better schools, better hospitals and clean water, but hey, if your bucket has a 65 TRILLION dollar hole in it, it's probably time for a new bucket.:blink:

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The money was stolen, to facilitate the rearmament of the British Imperial war machine. British controlled traitors in America, are forcing the US military to adopt defective, outdated equipment, so when the time comes the British can effortlessly destroy America.

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23 minutes ago, periclymenoides said:

outstanding article, I :heart: globalresearch

good to see you up and about Nobby

just had to have a little break from the interweb of doom

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Common knowledge to people who see the " Real " picture! Dipshits need mainstream verification to really believe anything! With more and more of these verifications coming out , how could anyone not believe that " we the people are on our own and bending embezzled and enslaved by the day!! f**k this shit! I do what I want, when I want. I got big tires for the potholes??????

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