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Washington Post is Laying the Foundations! ISIS Had the Ingredients For a Frightening Weapon

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When the Islamic State captured the city of Mosul in its 2014 blitzkrieg, the militant group obtained access to a highly lethal material that would have been useful for a “dirty weapon,” the Washington Post reports.

In taking Mosul, the Islamic State controlled a city filled to the brim with with guns, bombs, rockets and tanks, due in part to the number of military garrisons and bases located all over the city, but these were by no means the most deadly of the weapons to be found there.

Hidden away in medical devices stored on a college campus in Mosul were two quantities of cobalt-60, a synthetic radioactive isotope produced artificially in nuclear reactors. The isotope emits gamma rays at high intensity, making it effective in radiotherapy cancer treatments, however its high radioactivity also makes it perfect for a “dirty bomb,” or a weapon that uses conventional explosives to disperse radioactive materials across a targeted area, making it uninhabitable.


Feels like someone is bringing up those keywords again.... Setting the scene... preparing the minds... new narrative?

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If they do it they'll blame Iran - someone will stupidly leave their Republican Guard ID in the getaway car along with a ticket stub to Les Misérables... (It's the Ayotollah's favourite book.) 

As to where, my pick would be Chicago. They can't do it in LA, too much propaganda assets nor NY, too much financial assets or Washington. This could be why they put Rahm Emmanuel there who has proceeded to dis-organise the Civil Defence. 

Edited by Dr. Evil

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