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Turkey tries to mend Qatar crises as it condemns Israel

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan landed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Sunday for a multi-day visit to the Gulf that will also take him to Kuwait and Qatar. He announced that he sought to help find a way out of the crisis that began in June when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other states sought to isolate Qatar.

However, there is another dimension to the trip that should concern Jerusalem, Erdogan wants to talk about the region, and he has been outspoken on the issue of Jerusalem and the current violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

In May, Erdogan spoke about the importance of Jerusalem to Muslims around the world and urged more Turks and others to visit the city and show support for “our Palestinian brothers.” On July 22, his office issued a statement condemning Israel. “It is unacceptable that Israel shut down Haram al-Sharif for three days and imposed new restrictions, including metal detectors, on Muslims’ entry to the area.”

He described the July 14 terror attack as “an incident, which is not approved and is regretted by us that took place on July 14 in East Quds which Israel has been occupying since 1967.” The terror attack took place on the Temple Mount.

The Turkish president wrote in his capacity as president of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. He claimed Israel “disregarded all warnings” and that it was acting with disproportionate force “against our brothers and sisters who gathered for Friday prayers.”

The statement claimed that the area around al-Aksa is “a temple that belongs to Islam,” and that the OIC would continue to support Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, the Wakf and Jordan in efforts to resolve the crises.

There is very little to indicate any understanding of Israel’s security interests in the statement. Even the three terrorists are not described as perpetrators but “Palestinians who lost their lives during this event.” No mention is made of the two Israeli police officers.

Turkey, a country that has suffered terrorism in recent years, is aware of the threat of terror, but the statement did not acknowledge that the attack was terrorist in nature.

This is important language.



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The whole Middle East is a soapbox, to facilitate the mass armament and building of a Turkish-Arab Grand Army, to attack Israel with. Let's face it, Israel is now at it's most vulnerable, because of it's actions in facilitating the mass invasion of the West, they have fewer and fewer friends. Even if Europe wanted to help, suppose there was a droplet of concern for Israel to be found in Europe, Europe is in chaos. Too many muslims in Europe, and entry into the war or not, there will be massive islamic violence in Europe.

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