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War of the words

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 Cryptic Mole    3,521

In my opinion, any articles written about racism are designed to stir the pot!
I myself don't care in the least about racism. Nor do I care to stir the pot.

Sure, I myself have said some uncanny "words" as well, but once just recently
realizing that I as well was, and am stirring the pot of hatred, I have decided to
cease and desist from such hurtful actions towards my fellow man!

It not only hurts others, but it hurts me as well, and whom I am, or at least whom
I have the potential to be! And that's certainly not a racist!

Let those who continue to do so do so. It's not I who they'll one day have to
answer to. Not even their victims of such foolishness, but to the one who has
set all the natural laws in place that we should willingly follow.

Honestly, man is not capable of governing himself! That is painfully obvious!

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