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Uncle Thanky

Magic or Religion

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{Which is which?}

It all started innocently; and oddly enough has led me to a major turning point in my life. Many years ago after moving into the apartment first one and then another started approaching me with questions about why things are the way they are. This resulted in a daily study group. We investigated and discussed many subjects in many fields of knowledge: focusing mainly on Religion. It continues to surprise and amaze me that there are so many people. People who have little or no biblical knowledge: yet they know that something is coming.

One day as I and some friends were just visiting, a couple came in and informed me that they had a problem.
“So, how can I help?” says I. She proceeds to tell me that there is a man at their house. That this man is asking for answers that they don’t have. And “Would it be O.K. to sometime introduce him to me?”

“So he’s at your house right now?” I inquire as I wonder: What now?

“Yes. I didn’t know what else to do the guy is really messed up. Can you please see if you can do something for him.”

I agreed to do what I could. I told them to go and get him and come on back.

“You’re going to do this right now?!” one of my friends pops off.

“Why sure. Don’t you know by now that where things of this nature are concerned that tomorrow is always too late?” is my astonished reply.

“Well! If this goes where I think it will. I just want you to know I’m outta here.” She states.

It’s not long before they return. After the introductions were dispensed. He starts giving me the third degree. This surprises me and gives me hope. You see it is a rare thing in my world to meet someone that questions everything like I do.

Before long we’re deep into discussing the difference between Religion and Magic. He informs me that he’s been living with a self-professed witch; and that her and I are pretty much the same. Even so far as using the same names during prayer and conversations. And that this is confusing him more.

“O.K. then let us see what does the “Encyclopedia Britannica” say about this.” I say as I rise and go to the library room. Here’s what we found. Much to our dismay.

“Sir James Frazer in, in particular, in his great classical treatise “ The Golden Bough”, formulated a distinct and coherent theory of magic on which all subsequent studies were largely built. … As a preliminary, the useful distinction drawn by Frazer between magic and religion may be noted, its essence being that magic consists in the direct control by man of the forces of nature, while religion relies upon the propitiation of these and other higher powers. Magic, as Frazer so fully showed, is not merely a type of belief or a piece of man’s intellectual apparatus, but an art in which theory and dogma at every step are translated into action.”

The elements of magic, according to Dr. Bronislaw Malinowski are “things said, things done, and a person officiating. Hence the spell, the rite, and the condition of the performer are fundamentals.”

The Spell. “The spell, the uttering of words according to a formula, i.e., in a set order, is everywhere regarded as the out-standing part of the magical act. The virtue of the magic lies primarily in the formula, which is believed to have been handed down from immemorial antiquity. Hence the insistence upon the correct recital of it, lest variation in the text render the magic of no avail. Since the spell is in fact the backbone of magic, its language is naturally correlated with the aim of the ritual.”

The Rite. “Accompanying the magical formula is a set of actions, the rite, the primary function of which is to convey the spell to the object which it is desired to affect. Like the spell, the rite is definitely prescribed in form and is often in distinct correspondence with the words uttered. Thus movement described in the spell is carried out or imitated by the performer, substances which produce effects analogous to those desired are handled and mentioned.”

Condition of the Performer. The performer, “must refrain from eating certain foods, from casual sexual indulgence, and from other contaminating things. If he fails to conform, then he nullifies the power of his art; breach of taboo, in fact, is the cause most frequently assigned for failure of magic. The emotional attitude of the magician is also of interest. … In the spontaneous outburst of word and act lies the germ of spell and rite, in the illusion of subjective experience- The conviction that such actions have really had their effect-rests the foundation of the belief in magical efficiency.”

Myself, having been exposed to Christianity from an early age, found the above information disturbing. All that: about things said, done, and the person officiating, sounded strangely familiar. After many days of continued study I came to an astonishing conclusion:

There is no difference. Practicing magic and participating in an organized religion are one and the same. But which is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Or are they both wolves. Consider the following: Reread the above quotes. As you read substitute: prayer for spell, ritual for rite, and priest for magician.

Magic = Religion

Spell = Prayer

Rite = Ritual

Condition of Magician = Clean/Unclean of Priest

This sparked an internal and external re-ordering in my life as I endeavor to exercise my faith without practicing magic.

You are free to decide for yourself.

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the bible tells us that we are born into original sin;

from birth we are programmed out of our original sin(e) wave

without consent

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I'm thinking social engineers practice 'magic(k). Mediums of media are the tools used to create the spells. That makes technology a sort of magic too...it can be made to control nature. The staged rites the performers participate in help to induce the audience into whatever thought processes the spell descriptors create to keep selling us illusions.

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...a commissioning ceremony of a giant machine with it's own personality for instance. Lots of recital along with the appropriate rites. Creating a new performer in a body filled with them. Bodies within bodies filled with illusions that kill.


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There is no difference between "magic" and organized religion. They're both wolves in sheep's clothing exactly as we've been told.

If anyone actually reads the Bible, it is FILLED with condemnations of churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, etc. and their priests, pastors, rabbis, imams, etc. (e.g. Jer. 23:1-6, Eze. 34:1-10, 23, Matt. 6:5-8, Matt. 23). It is likewise filled with condemnations of witches, warlocks, spiritual mediums, etc., which are really no different than the priests, etc. (e.g. Exod. 22:18, Lev. 19:31, 20:6Deut. 18:10-12). 

This also includes "witches' brew", i.e. PHARMACY (Gal. 5:20), which is strictly forbidden for what are hopefully obvious reasons; chemicals and pharmaceuticals are unnatural POISONS.

The Reason Why

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Consider this:

Magic works AGAINST the matrix; the matrix being GOD's computer system which dictates this world.  Magic has figured out to supplant, go around and bypass entirely the matrix.

Organized Religion upholds the magic through their rituals.

While Faith and Prayer can UNDO magic and it UPHOLDS the matrix.  Those with true faith and targeted prayer can cause chaos by saying "I break all hexes, spells and curses in the name of Jesus".

Jesus is the NARROW GATE that those who figure this out can access the WAY OUT of the matrix entirely.

All of which the implications point towards this being a prison planet for real, being governed by said matrix and it's controllers.

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The difference is:

Whos will is being done when you cast a spell?

Whos will is being done when you pray to God?


One is done by force, one is done by grace.

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