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Massive Pulse Over the Atlantic/Aviation Alert 2

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Notice the arrow pointing towards the gulf as in the asteroid that was supposed to start at Puerto Rico all the way to Calfornia?  So much for some asteroid. 

It's one thing to predict evets, it's another to "predict" events that are entirely under your control as you try to fuck over the masses. 

If it's the government, it's perfectly ok, but if it's anybody else, it's just another excuse to "legally" screw the masses.  And remember (the voice of the government): "If you screw up, it's your fault, and if we screw up, it's still your fault."  "If you do this, were going to do that, and if you that, we're going to do this."  So they're going to leave all the decision making to an AI machine that has no remorse for errors (even if it does make them). 

There's been way too few rescue units spotted versus all of the military movement all across the country.  Some natural disaster?  Gun confiscation? Check!  Rescuing victims? Nope, let them drown for another couple hours, and if they're still alive, maybe come save them.  If they get too rowdy, shoot them with one of the guns that was confiscated.  Crime control?  Nope, we think we solved that problem with gun confiscation.  Rounding up everyone and putting them in safety FEMA camps never to return to original residences? Check!

Our leaders are criminals.  Except they never go to jail.  They wouldn't dare put the biggest names in crime behind bars. 


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I have never seen anything like this before




Finally an interesting, informative and  non-opinionated  video worth watching in it's entirety.   That is the first one I have found to meet that criteria here.

  To me it sounds much more space related . At first looking at the images he was showing it definitely looks like a radar cone.  But I don't think it's possible to pick up radar signatures on a total moisture map .

I will look into the radar  interaction with  a total  precipit  map.  To me for now it sounds like some type of interplanetary shock .


 Regardless good find Thro.  I completely hate threads with video only links and rarely give them any time.   I'm a little more old fashion and preferred text and links .

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Another microwave pulse has occurred in the West Pacific Ocean causing rotation. Over the past few months observing these occurrences you can see these thing



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I was listening to a radio show last night. There was a guy on there who was talking about this and made the claim that the source of this energy wave is coming from the Aleutian islands near Alaska.


He tried saying that it was coming from those Chinese warships in that area. Supposedly they're using energy weapons to direct it at the Canary islands.


Take it with a grain of salt. I did.

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