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April 25, 2015


Friends, Family, Supporters, Domestic Enemies of the US Constitution and all others reading this, twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I was on insulin for a few months and then stepped down to a pill for the next one and half to two years. I was then able to be medicine free for the past nine years through diet and exercise. Since being wrongfully imprisoned, I have been given nothing but carbs to eat, even though I and the doctor in here; along with the Judge have ordered a high protein and NO carb diet. The problem is no federal prison has such a diet. There is regular food, religious food (no pork) and a heart healthy diet (no fat). All three are LOADED with carbs and high glycemic foods. Over the past three weeks while on medication and under the federal bureau prisons care, my blood sugar low recorded was 161 and today was a new high of 371 which has promoted this. The judge said this was non-punitive contempt orders, which is absolutely a LIE. This is not only punishing my body but KILLING it. Judge Jeff Bohm has successfully sentenced me to death without a Jury verdict. The food raises my blood sugar and then I am given medicine which harms my body to lower it again, A NEVER ENDING ROLLER COASTER! I have been given no other choice but to STOP eating which will eliminate the BAD food that raises my blood sugar, so in effect I will not need the HARMFUL drugs. I should be able to survive about 7 days without food but it will not be easy. If this Judge wishes to kill me, I would rather go quick and not suffer the after effects for years to come. I will at least die knowing I stood up for the constitution that let me live free for forty years. Hopefully my suffering will stop future Americans from having their RIGHTS taken away. Let me be perfectly clear I am NOT choosing to die! Judge Jeff Bohm with the help of Steven “Coe” Wilson and John Boyert are MURDERING ME! ITS IRONIC how they are financially attempting to live off of the Second Amendment while acting like the others do not even exist.
Please pray harder than you ever have for me over the next seven days. I thank God that I was able to see my three amazing boys (young men) Blake, Cade and Ian today as my mom came in from Louisiana to help. I have financial exhausted my means for an attorney and I pray one that RESPECTS and BELIEVES in the constitution steps up to preserve it before it is too late.
God Bless America and my fellow patriots.
Jeremy Alcede
“Stand up for what is right today even if it means you are sitting behind bars tomorrow”
Author, Jeremy Alcede

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How did this 'letter' get out? Sounds good in theory, but do i smell bs?

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