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No charges filed in more than a third of Oklahoma civil asset forfeiture cases

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 CSB    1,660

This topic forfeiture really pisses me off !    Way ?

I personally know a man that lost everything that was titled . House, Truck, Boat and his 15 year Marriage .

The police assumed he was selling weed out of his house; a swat raid went down , not a thing was found other than a WW2 antique German rifle that would not fire . A fricken collector's item ! He has filed suits over the last two years and still has not won one .

The presumption of innocence is a basic principle of the American legal system. Americans are presumed innocent of any allegations of illicit activity until proven guilty by the government in court. But this principle does not apply to civil asset forfeiture in most states, including Oklahoma.

The government can seize property or cash suspected of connection to criminal activity and subject it to forfeiture based on a very low evidentiary standard. If a property owner, who may never be charged with a crime, wants his property or money back, he must prove its innocence.

Read the whole post : http://www.freedomworks.org/content/no-charges-filed-more-third-oklahoma-civil-asset-forfeiture-cases


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