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Monsanto Wants to Replace the Bees They Are Killing with Genetically Engineered Flying Ants

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Seriously, I had no bees this spring. None. And no fruit on my plum trees, few pears, etc. I grow a bee pasture/insectary for native bumblebees. They were very late to show up and less than half the usual numbers. Something bad is happening. There's a thread about antelopes dying now, either here or another forum. Fish dying. Dolphins, salmon, etc. I hate Monsatan and Big Ag, but this may be worse than pesticides and bad land management. What? Solar radiation, methane releases?

Bad bad times ahead, CSB. Is the earth dying?

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 For many years we have pollinated our gardens with a Q-tip.  The  production is drastically increased .  It's not too labor-intensive on gardens because we're weeding them anyway .


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