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Fallen Angel Nephilimic Traits Abound Throughout The World But Most Are Asleep And Unaware That The Enemy Is All Around Them, THE WICKED HOST.

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Fallen Angel Nephilimic Traits Abound Throughout The World But Most Are Asleep And Unaware That The Enemy Is All Around Them, THE WICKED HOST/FALLEN ANGELS, ITS ALL ABOUT THE DNA OR “SPIRITUAL WORD” INSIDE WHICH GIVES YOU A CONNECTION TO THE “MOST HIGH” OR THOSE WITH NO “DNA SPIRITUAL WORD CONNECTION TO THE MOST HIGH INSIDE”. Why was Joshua commanded to kill the Canaanites and Nephilimic races, because its about the DNA/SPIRIT/WORD inside of the vessel/body, either evil or good. These wicked races have evil spirits inside of their vessels/bodies due to their ROOT DNA connection with the Fallen Angels, Demons, and Satan and its passed on through the Evil Spiritual DNA inside from generation to generation. The eyes are the windows to the Soul/Spirit inside or ROOT DNA inside of who your FOREFATHERS are and this is just one indication of who you are tied to genetically. YOU ARE WHATEVER YOUR FOREFATHERS ARE, IT’S A KNOWN FACT THAT PRIMARY ROOT DNA IS TIED TO THE FOREFATHERS AND IS PASSED ALONG THROUGH THEIR OFFSPRING OR DESCENDANTS. ALSO HAIR COLOR IS ANOTHER GENETIC TRAIT THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT WHAT DNA/SPIRIT YOU HAVE INSIDE OF YOUR VESSEL/BODY. CERTAIN GROUPS ARE ALLOWED TO MIX WITH OTHER, IE. MOSES WITH AN ETHIOPIAN WOMAN FROM THE FOREFATHER HAM (what we now call AFRICANS) or ABRAHAM WITH HAGAR, A DECENDANT OF MIZRAIM/EGYPT. Just like horses and donkey’s don’t naturally mix in nature to form a HYBRID creation which is a MULE, the same holds true for certain DNA groups of mankind and people/real humans which are not supposed to mix. Have you ever wondered why RH- NEGATIVE WOMEN have to get certain chemical shots (Globulin which turns off the DNA mixing barriers) so that their DNA won’t destroy the RH+ POSITIVE baby of the RH+ POSITIVE FATHER in the womb or shortly after birth?! THE “MOST HIGH” SAID BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY, RIGHT? But how can you multiply naturally and fruitfully when these problems persist with these type of corrupt DNA unions, the whole thing goes against the natural flow of NATURE or ORDER of the “MOST HIGH”. This is what the “WORD” calls the IRON or UNATURAL DNA (includes the bad/evil blood beings above) mixing with the MIREY CLAY or NATURAL DNA beings/people/humans from the 70 NATURAL DNA NATIONS OF NOAH’S 3 SONS SHEM (melinated people and his brother HAM which is father of the Africans being a little Darker), HAM (with the exception of his CURSED Son Canaan out of which came 11 Different Cursed Tribes who bear leprosy/albinism or being white from head to toe), AND JAPHETH (our very light skinned melinated brothers and sisters). But, don’t worry because the “MOST HIGH” will definitely seperate those from the corrupt genetic groups who don’t belong also the Righteous in accordance with Salvation through “HIS FIRST BEGOTTEN SON, ISHI, HOSEA 2:16 will be spared, who are NATURAL DNA BEINGS or PART OF “HIS” GENETIC DNA/WORD SPIRIT/CODES. cont


my commentary 

I tried to explain this to a wicked woman once where I had a job and she was trying to tell me that she had beautiful mixed breed (black/white) grandkids and how she supports her daughter having them. I told her she needs to re-read the bible because it speaks against this. Later she got together with another wicked mixing race breed person who harassed me already for 4 years and continued to do so, so I refused service to her. Even though it is was against work policy to hand out internal numbers, the two got together and the other wicked one said "what I am going to do is harass him so much that finally he will refuse service to me so then I will call the main office and get him permanently fired". The wicked insider said "I'll help you, I will give you the number". Never mind the fact that I told the manager the same day what was going on, and also mentioned it at a meeting before while everyone was present. They did not care and permanently fired me, not even going by their rule book. Let the wicked burn in hell for those that do not heed the warning and instead persecute the ones seeking righteousness.  

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