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The Simple Truth

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Saw this post on another site and it made sense:


Many on this site are very politically awake to the mass deception going on.

BUT until people really start to question the root of all deception, which is division, things will remain the same. There will continue to be deception in media/politics, wars, horrible violence against each other and suffering across the planet.

The root of the problem is the false human ego.

The false human ego covers Truth much like clouds cover over the sun. Just because clouds are there does not mean that Truth does not exist. It just means that it has been temporarily covered over. It has always been there. You just don't see it.

In reality we are all the same. At our origin, there is no difference between us. What we truly are is pure peace and happiness without limitation and without the boundaries the mind creates. It is the human ego/false mind that creates unnecessary division and is the root of all evil/suffering. What you are is truly free. Your mind deceives you.

If you want to access Truth which is your origin, meditation is a doorway out of the false mind and out of the deception. Many religions have stressed the importance of meditation for accessing Truth. Once Truth is known, you are never the same. You will no longer suffer. You will "remember" why you are here. You will know you have always been free.

But it starts with each individual. Stop looking outward and start looking inward. Meditation is the way to dissolve all that is false and take you Home.

Meditation is not about clinging to new or even old religious doctrines. It is about going beyond all of them. Going beyond all mental concepts and images until Truth is revealed. Truth is already within you. You are Truth. You just have to let go of the false for it to be recognized and "remembered'. Once seen, peace prevails.

You were not meant to suffer. Your heart knows this. The false ego mind is the demon that keep all of us in darkness and fighting each other. It keeps creating a hell world on this planet. It is all false and it can be transcended. But it starts with each person looking inward. You have to stop all outward looking and seek within. Truth is there for you to find it.  It is in YOU.

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