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Social Media Plant

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 WhiteHorse    490

When I  had my first encounter with tptb I was a member of a garden club on 'crackbook' Facebook. 
Soon after there were people befriending me and nothing seemed out of the ordinary . 
When I was fighting tptb by exposing their operation through social media I noticed one of my 'new found friends' was using words and phrases that were only privy to me and they had no way of knowing them.
 While I was a member of this group the membership was flooded with over 4000 memberships and the moderator/owner could not respectfully screen members, which he had normally done. 
This was done after I posted about my sons plight in the G4s private run juvenile facility. 
I posted (this is the short version) why would the largest security firm in the world need to run a small facility in the middle of nowhere in Brownwood Texas. 
G4s trains special ops and runs security for places like Nasa and a number of high end clients around the world. 
Their private run facilities are plagued with abuse and coercion. 
And I believed they used these facilities to hand pick young candidates for ops and security purposes, for illunatics/CIA 
After I got my son back a few of my 'new found friends' made it a point to continue contacting me after I left the gardening group and crackbook. One of the last correspondences I had entailed " take care of our boy", more than once.
 He's not your boy, he's my son.

Below is a title I coined and a definition that I posted letting them know I knew what was going on.
 These plants are in almost all social media, specially where there are those who uncover, rebel and fight back against tptb. They are easy to recognize by the description below. 

Social Media Plant: 
A contact introduced to your page, group, or organization either invited or placed, in order to mislead, misrepresent gather information or harass you or the group you are involved  with.

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 WhiteHorse    490

You have to admit that a "plant" in a garden club is kinda funny. Sorry, couldn't resist. :chuckle:

Social media is a blight on society.

:chuckle: I see what you done there.




These creeps make money being professional trolls. Some are retired from the 'factory' and crossword puzzles bore them.

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