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Pets of the CT'er

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 Redlistvet    494

So I was sitting at the docs office this morning waiting for my appointment and was goofing off in the "off topic section" when I saw Storm64's thread about cats. Very funny stuff by the way.

But the doc was talking about stress and ways to mitigate certain factors. One of the ways to reduce stress is to have pets.

That got me thinking. I was wondering what majority of pets do CT'ers have? Cats, dogs, birds or what.


Best quote ever about cats.

Conkers bad fur day

Gregg the Grim Reaper: Strange? It's the best bloody deal you're going to get, you little prick. Right, that's it! piss off! I've got some cats to see. Bloody things. I don't like those bloody cats. The way they meow and they piss everywhere, and their crap smells just bloody awful, all over my furniture, I just …




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 Cinnamon    14,455

I have not figured out how to load pictures yet sorry. 

Hi, All you have to do is copy the image and past it into the post. Pm me if you have trouble.

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 CSB    1,662

I love and enjoy all creatures ! 

But my best pet is a squirrel ! Every morning she knocks at my window . I open the window and she will come in and sit on the table and enjoys toast or a muffin with peanut butter and loves Cheerios and Corn Flakes . . 

I to keep a auto feeder of dry squirrel food out side the window along with fresh water . She has been my breakfast buddy now for about 3 years .



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