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When it comes to healing...trust in yourself.

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The most difficult part of treating any illness is the panic we feel in knowing that we are not physicians and have not been clinically trained. Therefore, our first reaction is to run to a "Doctor" for diagnosis and cure. If you can take a deep breath, trust in yourself and God, most anything can be healed or at least that is my belief.

I've had great success healing humans because they can tell me their symptoms and I can adjust treatment accordingly. Animals are a different story because they cant talk!

This is where my "trust in yourself" statement comes into play.

A month or so ago, I thought my special needs female dog was dying. She would not eat, drink, was totally lethargic and had bloody diarrhea. I figured she was on her last leg so I had nothing to lose. Had I taken her to a Vet they would have put her down. I wont go into all the details of the herbs I gave her but,  I figured I would either cure her or help her on her way. After 3 days of mixing herbal concoctions she made a miraculous recovery and if fine now.

Five days ago my boy (the guy in my avatar) had a small lump on his back. Within 24 hours it had blown up to the size of my hand, ruptured and he ended up with a nasty hole the size of a silver dollar on his withers. I was convinced it was a cancerous tumor and he didn't have long to live. My first instinct was to run to the Vet for a diagnosis and pick out an urn for his ashes while I was there.

Instead I cut the hair away from the wound, went to the feed store, bought a bottle of fish mox (500mg amoxicillin) some herbal horse wound spray called Schreiner's, put a rubber doughnut around his neck so he could not dig at the wound and began treating him myself.

Three days into treatment his wound/tumor looks like its getting much better. Hes not well yet but Im encouraged and feel like he is on the road to recovery.

The moral to this story is..We may all find ourselves living in a world very soon where medical treatment is not available to humans or animals. Learn to trust yourself. God put everything we need to heal ourselves (and our animals) on this planet. Its up to us to figure out what those herbs are and how to use them.

Big Pharma and Doctors are not the answer. We are all healers if we dig deep inside and look for answers. Trust in yourself!



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