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Life IS Good : Your Choice : Your Attitude

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 Sunpar    12

It's morning here in the northeast of the USA. It's rather overcast and the temperature is 66 F. I extend to all who stop by today and read this a day that is best suited to them. May you be safe and also consider how your actions, whatever they might be, affect others. I'm not saying to stop. I'm saying to be aware of how you might affect others. I have done this and to a certain degree many still don't have a clue of who I am as a person. When you extend a "lift" to others as some of you have come to know the term, know that with this action the energy has been stirred, so to speak. Allow that energy to dissipate around you unconditionally. This is the field you have created around you just by sharing yourself. Share in a way that your intimate, as I call it, vortex (others may call it holy spirit) wraps around you, yet does not harm you as it vacillates unconditionally within your own thought processes. This is your electromagnetic inner force energy which acts also as your surface guide.



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 Sunpar    12

The empty chair : The tears?

I cherish the memories washed with salt
as they stream down my now knowing face.


What was cannot be present ever more.

^V^ Sunpar ^V^



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