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Young Boy Gives Opinion On Black Lives Matter!

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 CSB    1,664

This Young Man Gives His Opinion On Black Lives Matter! "The Main People That's Killing Us Is Other Black People"

Another powerful rant that destroys everything that the #BlackLivesMatter agenda represents.



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But But BUT!!! Black people are killing more black people "Because White people!" "Because white people What?" Oh, don't need a complete sentence, thought.. ;-) SO sad that's exactle what the apologists will say in response to this guy, when he nails it! Let's hope at least SOME people will see this and Listen! :cmicsfee:

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 Arnie L    28

Smart kid.

On a few levels, particularly where he states those jordan's they're killing each other over cost 3 bucks each to make in a sweat shop. He may well be wearing a pair (or was until they got lifted last week) but at least he knows the source.

This video should be mandatory viewing for every person in this country, regardless of race. Could just as easily be some 15 year old white boy ranting about the bullying in school (which where I live will almost certainly be white / white as there isn't a large minority population here.)

-Arnie L

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