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Watch out for new chemical attacks videos - 'fake news' crew arrives in Syria

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 Ukshep    19,024

According to Syrian intelligence, the next "masterpieces" are already being prepared.

"Recently, it became known that experts on chemical weapons have arrived in Syria from the United States and Turkey, in order to falsify the use of toxic substances by the Syrian government. The situation is escalating. Yesterday, we received repeated reports about the arrival of crew group "Jaish al-Islam" that will prepare a TV report about the use of chemical weapons by government forces."

In the near future, we can expect the next provocation with a weapon of mass destruction in the suburbs of Damascus.


We should be prepared for another media round on syria if it happens. Ya know it's almost as if they want us to buy it just once so they can go in!

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 abigfatzero    2,266

I used the last fake gas attack to red pill someone.

I think the more they do this, the more they are exposing themselves to the sheeple.

It's almost like they haven't figured out the game has changed.

I hope they keep it up.........

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