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UFO's over the north east!

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 Ukshep    14,392

Many questions are left unanswered about the existence of extraterrestrial life 70 years after the Roswell incident. Several people across the world are wondering what aliens do look like and where would they go. It seems that the answer is in Newcastle.

The infamous Roswell incident marks its 70th anniversary this year, and the Newcastle area has had its fair share of UFOs. A new amateur video footage shows the answer, according to many UFO enthusiasts.

The North East has its own list of so-called X-Files as dozens of witnesses have reported their UFO sightings over the years.

A Flight Lieutenant at RAF Boulmer said that he saw bright objects, including a luminous round object that was five times larger than a helicopter.


I've had my own experience with things like this myself :D


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 Robomont    144

saw one last night going east.at about the shreveport la lattitude. around midnightish.i dont even report them anymore as alot of our military tech uses it.


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 abigfatzero    1,697

I was standing in front of my house when an F-18 Hornet flew low and slow right over the top of my house.

As I watch it pass over my house, a silver ball appeared directly in front of it, then move to the side an vanished.

It's like they knew it was there and flushed it out.

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