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PREPARE for CIVIL WAR: Attempted Coup Under Way!

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________________ Jul 7, 2017  :coffeetime:



The fascist, dishonest left-wing media is now making another aggressive attempt at overthrowing the U.S. government by impeaching and indicting President Trump.

If they are successful, this will likely set off a CIVIL WAR.


PREPARE for CIVIL WAR: Attempted Coup Under Way



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Seems a bit dramatic to me to call it a coup and not only would it have to be successful but trump has players everywhere and he could pull the plug on many of their sponsors, funding airtime whatever

I believe all this talk of impeaching is just a way to appease the left

It'll never happen 

This is what will happen and might be in the works

Listen up


Keep talking impeach

Keep dividing the nation with left vs right

Keep riling up Antifa

Keep failing every impeachment method

Antifa and the anarchist leftists will have enough and go on a snowflake rampage which then....might create a few skirmishes involving bodycounts, on both sides

Antifa will guerilla strike

Murder a few here and there

Ditch their colors and blend in as normal douchy bieber haircut hipsters....

The right will start to show up more at these antifa gatherings and then....we might get some bodycounts

Trump isn't following the old agenda that got him elected

His actions and words lately are in line with bush and Obama

This is all a damn play

The left won't impeach him

The left is the right and the right is the left in Washington

Left and right only exists amongst US

they are one and pretend to be two

We say we should love and unite but are clearly 2



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