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Israel is pushing US & RU to guarantee a buffer zone in S. Syria

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What Israel asks... Israel gets...




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Iran is on board new US-Russia truce deal in Syria


“The United States, Russia and regional countries reached a ceasefire deal in southwestern Syria,” a US official said on Friday, July 7 after the Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin ended their hotly-anticipated first encounter in Hamburg. He was referring to Iran and its consent to a ceasefire going into effect Sunday, July 9.

debkafile reports that this was a significant breakthrough in one the most volatile fronts of the six-year Syrian war with direct impact on Israeli and Jordanian security. 

Our sources reveal that Tehran was persuaded to come on board this limited ceasefire in urgent phone conversations ahead of the summit between Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Iran’s National Security Adviser Adm. Shamkhani.

The limited deal struck by Trump and Putin provides Israel and Jordan with a partial measure of relief, because Iran will certainly be allowed to complete its military intervention in other parts of Syria in return.



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Israeli demands yet to be met on Syria ceasefire


"Today in Amman, Russian, American and Jordanian experts... agreed on a memorandum of understanding to create a de-escalation zone" in the regions of Daraa, Quneitra and Sweida, Lavrov said.

"There will be a ceasefire in this zone from midday Damascus time on July 9."

A US official told the Associated Press that Israel is "a part" of the agreement, but did not elaborate. 

On Friday morning, Haaretz newspaper reported that Israel was adamantly opposed to Russia monitoring a ceasefire and were arguing that the United States should be in charge of enforcing any agreement.

However a senior State Department official told a briefing for journalists on Friday that "the specific details of monitoring arrangements is an extraordinarily complex question" and that the demarcation of responsibilities would only be finalized "in coming days". 



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Israel tells US it doesn't want Russia supervising safe zones in Syria


In secret talks being held on the establishment of safe zones to end the Syrian civil war, Israel has reportedly asked that the US, not Russia, be in charge of monitoring the ceasefire.

According to Israeli officials, secret talks have been held between the US, Russia and Jordan regarding the establishment of safe zones as a way of ending the civil war in Syria.

While Israel isn't directly involved in the talks, it has been briefed on them, the officials said.

According to the report, Israel has asked that the US be in charge of supervising these safe zones and monitoring the ceasefire.

Israel has also reportedly demanded that these safe zones keep Iran and Hezbollah away from its borders with Syria and Jordan.



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WE have NO business in Syria!! let Russia and Assad finish off the civil war and let that country go back to being a country again!! 

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Report: Netanyahu calls Putin to discuss Syria buffer zone


Israel wants 30-mile buffer zone to protect against Hezbollah, Iran - but doesn't want the zone controlled by Russia, report says.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an urgent phone call on Thursday discussed creating an extended buffer zone in Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Times of London reported.

The new buffer zone would extend to 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of the Golan Heights, and include the Syrian towns of Daraa and As-Suwaida.

Neither Iran nor Hezbollah would be allowed into the buffer zone.

However, it would not be controlled by Russia.

According to the report, Israeli authorities are concerned Syria will end up being divided, with some areas held by Russia and Iran and others held by rebels, competing powers, and Kurdish-led groups.

The report also said the Israelis were "present on the sidelines of talks in Amman between the Americans and the Russians to negotiate the future of southern Syria."

"Israel fears that the US might withdraw, leaving Iranian-backed militias such as Hezbollah to establish themselves in the south of the country, including along the Golan border," the report said, adding that Netanyahu had also discussed the issue with the US.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said the call was "at the Israeli side's initiative" and that "Mr. Putin and Mr. Netanyahu continued their exchange of opinions on topical issues of Russia-Israel cooperation.

In the context of joint efforts against international terrorism, they discussed the Middle East settlement and the situation in Syria."



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And...now we know what "old friend" Kissinger was doing in Moscow few days before G20


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