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Fmr. CIA Philip Giraldi: "Israel is not US ally"

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 Cmonsense101    382

He probably got denied Israhelli citizenship. Hence the whining. No need to form alliance with those mindless goyims, just mess with their scripture and declare them God's chosen people, they will take the bait and swallow it like a good girl.

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 Dr. Evil    2,244

What amazes and puzzles me is how they successfully keep the lid on it, when there is so much activity and hence so much evidence of their involvement and influence, across so many fields: diplomacy, military, intelligence, politics, media, education and "accepted" history.

And yet the cover up successfully continues, for decade after decade after decade, with little sign of it breaking, even after the presence of the new Gutenberg Press.

I do believe the people of Israel are just like any others - most of them are sheeple, and their leaders, like ours, are operating to a different plan, one not in their people's best interests. In Israel's case I think they're being setup to be destroyed when the time is right, to fulfil the Revelations prophecy but unlike the Christian Zionists I don't think this will be coming from God but rather from the Luciferian leadership as part of the NWO implementation.

To destroy Israel when the time is right all it will take is for the evidence of their involvement in 911 to be released and the US sheeple will turn on them with great fury and vengeance.

That's the plan, I think. 

But the level of suppression they achieve until they're ready to drop the hammer is just unbelievable, isn't it. Not to mention, diabolical. Which is possibly how its achieved.

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