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China Demands That India Pulls Back Border Troops Immediately

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China has again warned India to pull back its troops from the Doklam area near the Sikkim sector, saying it will affect the dialogue process between the two countries.

New Delhi (Sputnik) — Despite blaming India for undermining its territorial sovereignty, Beijing softened its stance on the issue around the Kailash mountain and has agreed to open an alternate route. Earlier, it canceled the yatra through the Nathu La route in view of the ongoing stand-off between the two countries.

"China's territorial sovereignty has been undermined by Indian border troops. The Indian side is trying to justify the trespassing into Chinese territory in the name of security concerns. India's position is groundless," Li Ya, Political Counsellor in the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, said on Thursday.

"We have strong evidence to prove that Doklam belongs to China.

The activities conducted in Doklam are within China's sovereignty. It is the Indian side that trespassed and changed the status quo in the name of security concern. The Indian side has trespassed into another country's territory.

No matter what activities it conducts there, it will not be acceptable to any sovereign state. The Indian border troops must pull back its border troops unconditionally and immediately. This is the pre-condition for any meaningful dialogue between China and India," the Chinese political counselor added.



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This is an old border dispute. It's going to go live. It's why China and India are building up their military stuff. They are going to fight. https://qz.com/1020177/50-years-after-round-one-bhutan-china-and-india-are-stuck-in-another-border-face-off/

Snippet: “There could be a chance of war if the recent conflict between China and India is not handled properly, observers said, noting that China will resolutely defend its territory and safeguard the border,” China’s state-run Global Times said. The newspaper also claimed that the Indian troops “violated” the “undisputed” India-China border so it could show the US New Delhi’s “firm determination to constrain China’s rise.”

While warning shots have been fired from New Delhi, telling China that India is not the country of 1962, China has retorted in the same vein.  end snippet.

In exploring other stuff, China needs some war experience to consolidate and fine tune their armies together. They want to take on the USA for supremacy of what they consider their area of the seas to patrol and protect. It's their energy waterways. China has no energy on it's soil so it imports all it's oils and stuff. Lots of it comes over the international waterways down there. And China wants to control that route. They have been building up ports along that route. India is also on that route but India does not want China to control the waterways. So India is not going to allow China a 'port of call' there. China just finished a huge port in Indonesia that they are controlling. China has military bases in Africa and lots of business down there. China wants their little trade road to go that way. Besides, the Chinese are doing exactly what the USA did. Their factories are moving to Africa where there is cheaper labor and not so demanding work class. And automation is on the rise so when is Africa no longer going to be cheap labor. They will not need labor to produce will they? 

I expect China and India to get into a small war. I expect Pakistan to jump in on China's side just to take advantage of the situation. I do not see anyone else interfering. The USA and Russia will make millions selling weapons to both sides. I do not expect it to last for too long. Small skirmishes on the border region. I do not think either side will take over the other side. They will just get rid of some of the surplus population each has huh? 

China is on the move and is willing to flex it's muscles at this time. They will get worse as they continue on their quest to control that sector of the waterways. Will they eventually do that? I don't see why not. Why should the USA do everything? But I guess that is not the way the world or the USA looks at that huh? I say, let China take care of those pesky African pirates. They want to control that area, then control it. Take care of the pirates. Make that area safe for commerce again. The USA is spread to thin to do that.  :) 

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They (the Chinese)  got a nerve. They talk about infringement... YET the country being infringed upon by India is TIBET, which China infringed upon itself and annexed. 

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If those 2 nuclear countries go at it.....ill be in front of my tv with a giant erection eating hamburgers until it's over...

That'll be a good one

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