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Sky Cat

85,000 People Apply For 30 Jobs at a Bank

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I bet there are allot of these type numbers out there and of course the MSM won't say anything about it!!

They still think we are under OBUTTHEADS rule!!

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I hear people all the time say to open your own business or make stuff or grow stuff or whatever... But the problem with that is that no one has any money to pay for your dinky little startup. They don't have any jobs or the job they have pays the bills and nothing else. They can not afford what you are selling. And if people think it's that great here in the USA... :laughl:

Here is one of the most shopped retail stores in the USA. Talking stone and mortar stores. Walmart. Walmart would be going out of business if it were not for the .gov teat of food stamps, the EBT program. This article was wrote in 2013 when food stamps were cut. Nothing has changed. http://www.thedailybeast.com/food-stamp-cuts-add-to-walmarts-troubles

Snippet: Regardless of what one thinks about the propriety of food-stamp benefit expansions or cuts, here’s the reality: The business of America’s largest retailer and one of the nation’s most valuable companies—a stock that every index fund owns—is structured in part on the continued flow of federal assistance.

In 2014, Walmart workers cost the feds and states a lot of money. 17 pages pdf. https://americansfortaxfairness.org/files/Walmart-on-Tax-Day-Americans-for-Tax-Fairness-1.pdf

And we will not even talk about just a grocery store that sells only food stuff and is completely dependent on food stamps for their survival. http://www.slate.com/articles/business/moneybox/2014/04/big_box_stores_make_billions_off_food_stamps_often_it_s_their_own_workers.html


Profitable for companies, and potentially for their workers, too. The USDA’s Kevin Concannon says food stamps can be a job creator. He told me about a visit he made to H-E-B Grocery, a supermarket chain in Texas. “The vice president of the company pointed to some of the clerks,” Concannon recalls, “and he said, ‘See these folks here? We’re able to employ more of those, for more hours per month, due directly to the financial impact of food stamp benefits.’ ”

But there is something else that’s important to point out about the jobs you can get at stores that accept food stamps. In many cases, at many different stores, those jobs pay so little that their workers depend on food stamps, too. end snippet.... 

So if these all these stores do not pay their workers enough money to get off the welfare teat... Do you think these people have any extra cash to spend on whatever little dinky business you can open? Sure you can open some businesses and they do ok. There is a guy in town that sells on Ebay and he had a brick and mortar store. He closed down the brick store and now just sells out of his front yard. He says he makes more money selling from his front yard than the store. Same stuff... But he is on a busy road for this town and he is also a local boy. An outsider that is on a back road will not make this same business model work for him here. Got to have another one. His brick and mortar store didn't do well at all. None of the people I know will buy anything from you. Why? Well, I know one person that will not touch a computer, it's from the devil. Another has no connection to the internet and her laptop is broken up and she doesn't even worry about it anymore. I know one that has internet, she is bedridden most of the time. None of the old folks around here have internet or a computer. In a half mile or so range on my road, there are 11 of us. Out of the 11 houses, I get 2 signals besides my own. I am locked down too. I used a kid's down the road from me for a long time when I was only in town on the weekends if we were not camping. But I am not opening my wifi to the neighborhood. That kid would try to get into my computer. I would get little boxes, allow this or allow that. I knew the kid but I wasn't giving him access to my puter. I think he used me to practice hacking. Not like I do anything on my puter. That's what checks and envelopes are for. I do like that post office rule about the postage. I've used it before, it works excellent.  ;)  

For those that did not know. The rule is, the post office marking/time stamp is the date and time that your payment was received. If you do everything by snail mail and can prove this, like your credit cards and such, they must go on that time stamp as when it was received. Not when they actually get the envelope in hand, it's the time that the post office stamps it. So what if that envelope takes 3 days to get there, that first time stamp is when it was paid and if you can prove that you sent it, they have to honor that. It's all a science. The post office can tell you how long something takes to get there on average and you just make sure you have your facts down. Tell them to go ask a lawyer and get back to you. ;) Just FYI. One of those quirks of the law I really like. ;) 

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41 minutes ago, Trinity said:


We can all hear you. ;) Why do you think overpopulation is the root cause? I do not think it is. I think modern life and all it's technological advances that are raping the earth of it's minerals and raw materials is the root cause. Not overpopulation. No such thing. When an animal species becomes overpopulated, nature has ways of bringing it back under control. Therefore, humans are not overpopulated yet because nature is not killing us off. ;) Man is killing off man in many ways daily. There are too many men in the world vs women maybe? China and the ME are loaded with more men than women aren't they? And I know of no country that has a surplus of women unless you want to count the over 70 crowd of women. China and the ME are young men.

I do not think Italy, Spain, USA or some of the other countries are overpopulated. And as this country is not overpopulated, what is the problem with it? That's a lot of people applying for the same job there. Are you saying they are over populated? And if you are, explain why please. I am not seeing it at this time. 

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58 minutes ago, Trinity said:


Triggered snowflake?

Overcrowding does not equal overpopulation.

This myth has long been debunked.  No one is forcing you to live in Hunger Games/Archon/Unnatural Concrete prisons. 



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