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'Don't go to Israel... you may never want to leave'

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The Palestinians have to keep water tanks on their houses in the west bank, because, the Israelis shut their water off regularly.

Didn't see that in the video..

Also didn't see the bulldozers (donated by caterpillar) bulldozing Palestinian houses either.

Funny that......

I did see the star of remphan on a rainbow flag, how appropriate for a symbol of androgyny..........

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Go to Jerusalem, get possessed. ;)  Jerusalem syndrome...



Snippet: Evidence of the Jerusalem Syndrome dates back to Medieval times and observers throughout the centuries have noted the air of madness that seems to hang over the city.

As J.E. Hanauer, a British traveller and Anglican vicar, wrote in around 1870: “It is an odd fact that many Americans who arrive at Jerusalem are either lunatics or lose their mind thereafter.”

Modern psychiatrists describe the sufferer’s delusions as highly theatrical and very public. They will often rip hotel bed sheets into makeshift togas, deliver impromptu sermons in front of holy sites and go wailing through the streets.

“Their appearance is very dramatic and they use Jerusalem as a stage and deliberately go there to play out their act - an act that they entirely believe to be true,” said Dr Moshe Kalian, the former district psychiatrist of Jerusalem and a leading authority on the syndrome.

Interestingly, the affliction has been recorded among Jews and Christians but not Muslims. A study from 1999 found that “Although Jerusalem is sacred to all three major monotheistic religions….no documentation regarding the syndrome among Muslims was found.”


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