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Aether and Mainstream cience

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In 1954 Maurice Allais discovered the first of many syzygy effects , as they are now known , performed a lengthy experiment with his paraconical pendulum during which a solar eclipse occurred. He found the oscillation of his pendulum changed markedly for the duration of the eclipse. He repeated  his experiment purposely during the 1959 solar eclipse  in which the anomalous effects occurred yet again. This is known as the Allais effect.

The 1961 eclipse saw the scientists Gheorghe Jeverdan , Gheorge Rusu , and Virgil Antonescu discover that the period of oscillation of a oucault pendulum changed - this is the JRA effect.

This link describes  other associated anomalies , including the fact that these effects occur whe?never any three or more bodies of the solar system are in alignment. This includes minor planets and occurs during lunar eclipses, conjunctions oppositions and transits of planets.

http ://www.researchgate.net/publication/260749357_Syzygy_Effects_Studies_Performed_Simultaneously_with_Foucault_Pendulums_and_Torsinds_during_the_Solar_Eclipses_of_13_November_2012_and_10_May_2013

You can also see some pretty recent research here :


This should take you to the Journal of Advanced Research In Physics where you can download  PDF for studies of transit of Venus in 2004 and 2012.

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