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People Who Vanished Into Thin Air From Moving Vehicles

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The world of vanished people is a strange one, with myriad cases cloaked in mystery that seem to defy all attempts to solve or understand them. Among these cases some of the weirder are those that involve people who managed to vanish into thin air right out of moving vehicles, without any explanation and quite often confounding all attempts to grasp what has happened. It is a bizarre concept to be sure, that someone could be riding in a vehicle, often in full view of others, and simply drop out of existence or even seemingly evaporate into thin air, but this is a phenomenon that has happened an unsettling number of times. From trains, planes, and buses these people have stepped off the face of the earth, leaving bewilderment behind.

Perhaps one of the most well known of all vanishings from a moving vehicle is the infamous case of who has come to be known as D.B. Cooper. The tale begins in Portland, Oregon, in the United States, on the day before Thanksgiving, on November 24, 1971, when a well-dressed man in a dark suit, white shirt, and black tie calling himself Dan Cooper paid cash for a ticket and embarked on Northwest Airlines Flight #305, a Boeing 747 bound for Seattle, Washington. During the flight, the up until then quiet passenger hijacked the plane by claiming he had a bomb in his briefcase, and he demanded $200,000 in cash, as well as four parachutes. Upon landing in Seattle, he released the passengers and many of the crew, before ordering the remaining pilots and a skeleton crew to take off on a southerly course for Mexico City, Mexico.


It continues on at the source and discusses D.B. Cooper a little. Nice bit of mind food if you wanted a break from doom!

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This thread could be a BIG topic, DB Cooper is not of great interest to me personally as I was raised in that area and have kept up with allot of it over the years.

What I find of interest and NOT allot of info is a ROAD in Utah where people and there vehicles do vanish and sometimes very strange things are seen on this road and most locals will not travel it after dark! 

Maybe one of the Utah people on this site can give more details!! :D

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I think even the power required for the transponders that the terrorists supposedly killed were still transmitting according to the video, is like 50 watts for commercial jets above 30,000 ft compared to like 5 watts for less than 10,000 ft or something like that.  It requires quite a bit more power the higher up you go.  400+ mph in a dive to hit the building straight on...there was the one guy that flew those flights that said that it was practically impossible for it to come down from way up in the time specified to even hit the WTC, WH, Penta-GONE, House and Senate, and whatever other targets they were trying to hit...which should tell you they just wanted America to be gone in one fell swoop.  And then whatever they failed at on that day, they put Obama in power to try to see what else he could get his greasy paws on and destroy the rest. What have you made, how much did you already lose to the terrorist supporting government, destroy the rest?  Simplified Obama tax form...:nukeanimated:

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