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High UV and Botanicals

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The harsh UV levels this year, coupled with high temps, 100+, significantly affect some botanicals. Growing and drying methods are impacted. Full sun plants here, look yellowed and "cooked". Last year and the year before they thrived. Moved all but examples to shade growing. They are green and thriving, while full sun examples still look "cooked" and in one case, stunted.

At 100+ degree temps and 10+ UV levels, Foods dried directly in the sun do not ripen first or change color normally. They appear harshly & dramatically "bleached out" and now, covered drying or in some cases, 20 minute direct expoures, is advisable to everyone in the south/SW until they determine thier new conditions.

Specialty foods like shiitake, which take on higher vitamin d content, can be exposed gills up two or three times a day and achieve photosynthesis. Plants whose properties are already photosensitive should be protected, even if 10 minute exposures are used to speed the drying process. Under the early, hot spring and high UV/temp conditions, botanical handling is already diff this year. (The GMO frankencorn tho, is doing great. We will see next month.)

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