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You’ll be Scanned “At Least Once a Week,” Trash Trucks to be Equipped with License Plate Scanners

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 Talon    716

San Jose, CA — Councilman Johnny Khamis of San Jose recently suggested that garbage trucks should be used to help the police catch suspects. The councilman said that license plate readers can be placed on garbage trucks, and would send information back to police.

This would give police an extra level of surveillance that would be undetected by most people.

“We can cover every street at least once a week and possibly deter thieves from coming into our city,” Khamis told  San Jose Mercury News.

“You’re not expecting privacy on a public street,” he added.


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Hmm....will they find out that all the cars at that house are owned by the person living there?

There was Virgina I think it was where a law was recently written to make it illegal to park backwards in your driveway, in case they want to be able to scan your license plate.  Screw them!  They aren't looking for criminals or terrorists, just a common folk law abiding citizen that they can extort from.  Hey, look...it's one of those rolling extortion departments that has to pull you over in order to be able to get money for the city, but yet it costs them money to operate it. 

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 pup    11

on another mindset, we shit everyday and it all goes somewhere.

who makes money from it and who 'voids thinking about it'


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