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Obama's Presidental Firsts

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Has there *ever* been a president that was so obsessed how popular he is? How much of a "legacy" he would be leaving? Or one whose "fans" were constantly on about how wonderful he is? Even if he were a rock star, he'd have to have *DONE* something to earn this, you think?

Gods, my soon to be ex even was so smitten with him that it was passed on to Creepy Uncle Joe! The first interview with the VPs - my wife actually SAID "Jo Biden ROCKS!".

I almost hurled. Thank gods Both are almost over - I survived marriage, not sure we'll make it through the rest of this term ;-)  :akomjiis::balk2:

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Well we know one thing...Obummer has a presidential solution to everything...he N-rigs it.  Of course, Paula Deen got knocked off the food network for a comment that was proper to the time in which she grew up.  But the liberal N* of this era had better wiseup, because we are on to the whole baseless race bating game. 

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