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How to Use Your Thoughts to Heal Yourself: a Science for the Mind

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Is it really possible to leave behind the classic forms of medicine we associate with healing, and look solely to yourself?

Recent studies have shown that not only can people use their own thoughts to heal themselves, but drug companies are actually charging you for the privilege – selling placebos to patients.

By believing that a non-existent drug will work, it can often do exactly that, and go on to fix a disease or condition. But why should we rely on doctors and psychiatrists to give us these thought-fuelled drugs when we are fully equipped to use our own thoughts for healing?

It has been proven that you can use thoughts to heal yourself, your problems, conditions and even diseases, and in the same vein there have also been reported instances of people losing the mental battle because they believed they were going to die, not because of an illness. For example, a man was told he had an incurable cancer, and had just a few weeks to live, he died almost immediately after being told despite the autopsy after he died proving he had been misdiagnosed and didn’t have cancer at all.

By using a model of self-transformation it is possible to lift yourself out of your negative thoughts and illnesses, and become more positive, and, as a result, better. There has been evidence that even tumors can disappear when the belief is profoundly strong. Sounds crazy but it actually works!

We know from studies in neuroplasticity that we aren’t supposed to think the same thoughts in the same way all of our lives. We should take steps to think differently all the time, and break the habits of our old self. What’s more, these changes in our brains, and in the way we think, can lead to changes in our bodies.



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It's actually not that we have the power in our minds to heal ourselves. We have instead, the ability to convince all forms of organic matter, energies and forces to come to our rescue and to assist us or a loved one who are in need. However, you first need to trust as a child would trust their parents. That's where the child-like faith comes from. This seems to be very easy for people who communicate with nature verbally. Remember the Scriptures and the phrase 'a spoken word'. That means an actual audible sound by speaking out loud. Never ever forget that all things communicates with one another. It is also important for people to realize that in these kinds of situation, they themselves are the entities who are really in complete control. Speaking boldly is creative power!

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Just pushing out negative thoughts and dark moods will improve your health. Stress causes so many issues!

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