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U.S. Marine Station In Iraq Tells Truth About Trump's Temporary Travel Ban

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Works for me.  Good job figuring this out Obama administration.  Too bad you were so spineless and bought off as to do nothing about it.  

Well played Mr. President.  Next you can dazzle me with some 9/11/01 investigation and disclosure.

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What travel ban?

State Department: refugee free-for-all until July 6th!

Everyone wants to know what it all means… there is the 90-day travel ban (everyone, not just refugees) from six majority Muslim countries and then the 120-day moratorium for all refugees from all countries, but only for those refugees who don’t have certain relationships with those who got here before them.


As I continue to mention, because we have admitted so few Christian Syrians, any applying now likely will  not have relatives here while the Muslims will, so expect the Syrian Muslim relatives to continue to be admitted (thanks to the Supreme Court writing refugee law!) because we all know that if they are relatives of someone here already, they couldn’t possibly be terrorists, right?


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Refugee industry lauds Supreme Court, says we will get many more refugees in coming months

I think it has dawned on them that the Supreme Court, in writing refugee law, has just exploded the decades-long concept that a ceiling is a CEILING.  Here they predict that it will be a refugee free-for-all for months to come.  Effectively they are saying there is NO ceiling (no longer even Obama’s 110,000) in place at least until October!


All smoke and mirrors, they have opened the flood gates.......

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1 hour ago, techmisfire said:

i regret joining the army.....

For which reason if you don't mind me asking. The regret that is!

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