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Special Report: All Hell Is Breaking Loose, But In Other News

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Published on Aug 28, 2015

The economy began its roller coaster ride on Black Monday. Nosediving a historical 1000 points, some called for preparation while weaponized media told us there was nothing to worry about. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton slowly careens off of the campaign highway staring an FBI investigation in the face. While Donald Trump is leaving poll bureau’s flabbergasted with the numbers resulting from his frank populist talk. Planned parenthood is unmasked for the baby factory that it is. And the Pentagon quietly begins investigating whistle blower reports that Cent com is allegedly hiding the expansion of ISIS. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For roughly 48 hours the narrative is clearly a raw nerve exposing itself to the masses. A diversion was sorely needed in order to push all of those skeletons back into the jammed closet. Wednesday morning, the world woke up to the sick premeditated cold blooded on air murder of a journalist and her cameraman just outside of Roanoke, Virginia.

And suddenly American’s are once again scrutinizing gun laws and race war fuel. Not the criminal Hillary Clinton, not the ISIS trail to the White House, and not the genocide killing off 13 million black folks since 1973. By wednesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were mouthing off again about taking away our guns. Before all of the facts were even in, even the deceased female journalist’s Father was calling for stricter gun control. The attack on those two journalists and our founding principals, before the bodies were even cold, stinks of treason incited by New World Order Agenda motive. The only people in the arena even mentioning the epidemic of ssri drugs and possibility of this incident being once again directly related to the pharmaceutical giants was of course Donald Trump and infowars, as usual.

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