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Saudi opposition: the dream of “Israel” to reach Mecca may be at the hands of Mohammed Ben Salman

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The Saudi opposition and professor of sociology at the University of London’s Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences “Madawi Al-Rasheed” attacked Saudi Arabia’s apparent rapprochement with the entity of the enemy, and considered that the dream of “Israel” to reach Mecca may be by Mohammed bin Salman.

“Israel looks like a Sunni state because of its alliance with Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” she said in a television interview with Dardanelles satellite television.

The Saudi opposition considered that there was cooperation, which led to the formation of Saudi society to accept normalization with “Israel” on the basis of “enemy of my enemy, my friend,” noting that the Saudi hostility towards Iran and the Shiites.

“When massacres occur in the Arab world, there are supported organizations that say: The Zionists did not do to us as it does. Which is what prepares the people to accept Israel, “said Madawi.

The Saudi opposition said this was what Mohammed bin Salman achieved, adding that the plan was bigger than Mohammed bin Salman.

She added that the entity of the enemy in the happiest days now, because he broke through the Arabian Peninsula because it is “the center of wealth, and the kiss of Muslims.”

“If the Israeli flag flips in Riyadh, the problem is over. Will the people of Indonesia, for example, move if the Israelis kill half of the Palestinian people?! Means that the Israeli dream of reaching Mecca may be done in the future by Mohammed bin Salman. “



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I've given this link before but this is germane to understanding what is now happening with the Saudi change of heir which led to the Qatar split and why the US did not protest.



“The Saudi king’s decision to elevate his son Mohammed bin Salman … is not merely the internal affair of the royal hierarchy, but a game-changing international event. The king’s son is ready to step into his allotted place in a new US-Arab-Israeli alliance established by President Trump in May, along with the UAE, Egyptian and Israeli leaders that will seek to dominate Middle East affairs. Israel will be accepted in a regional lineup for the first time alongside the strongest Sunni Arab nations who all share similar objectives, especially the aim to stop Iran. 

“A game-changing international event”? Why exactly are these Israelis so excited; why should the elevation of bin Salman, known by the initials MbS, be such a game-changer? Is there here something new? And how come the dismissal of Prince Nayef, whom MbS replaced as crown prince and who was a Western favorite, barely ruffled a leaf in protest?


What this new guy MbS has done is agree to recognise Israel, that's why the Israeli's are so excited and why the US didn't protest when its favoured Saudi candidate successor was ousted.


Something few ME analysts seem to understand and which neither linked article here touches on, is who the House of Saud. What is their background? They are in fact Crypto Jews. They have always been secret allies with Israel. Their problem is, their population being Muslim, means they can't be too overt with that particular historical detail. So they do it same way the evil ones always do it, eat the elephant a slice at a time. This way their sheeple don't notice. This is another slice.

The fundamental problem is the US has chosen the wrong side of Islam to ally themselves with. Because Israel has chosen the wrong side and what Israel wants the US (generallly, but esp in the ME) does. Shia Islam is much more reasonable, much easier to deal with than the Sunnis. If the West allied with Iran, terror would evaporate in a heartbeat. But that won't happen, because Israel won't allow it to happen.

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Sunni Islam is not the problem. It is those Saudi led wahabis (radical protestants) who are causing all the evil in the name of Sunni Islam. Ever been to a country like Malaysia? You will find that Sunni Muslims are no way less reasonable than Shias. By the way, Saudi monarchs are crypto Jews posing as sunni wahabi muslim leaders. Just check out their ancestry and how they got into power. It will all make sense. Now I wish to cut bin salman's throat the bluntest sword I can find. After all they need to test their own medicine.

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