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"It's OKAY to be GAY" - Kids song

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Surprised the bearded lady doesn't have antlers........


This photo speak volumes, notice the antlers, a photo like this is no accident.


Now look at this image, notice the antlers....


Here is an explanation about what you are looking at in the second photo.

Cernunnos: The Horned One

"The figures on the Gundestrup cauldron, there are Goddess figures and there are God figures. The Goddess figures all have little teeny-weeny bumpy breasts hanging out on the front, and most of them have braids or other long hair. The God figures uniformly have beards. The antlered figure has neither of these characteristics, and so would apparently be an androgynous figure, something in between, the liminal state. Here is a person who is deliberately putting themselves into that in between state. They're in between genders, which is another one of those important turning points, magickally speaking" (p. 26).




Sources for images...




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58 minutes ago, ESET said:


If they were going for a demonic clown, or "demon possessed your teacher" look to terrify the children with, they succeeded... 

This reminds me of the hunger games where all the people that look and think like this live in the Capital and everyone else... well... 

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Well at least her Adult coloring book will come in handy...

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