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From the arrival of man, to Westernization, to Americanism.

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This is my explanation about humans today.

Homo Sapiens came out of North Africa around 15,000 years ago.
This isn't about the development from ape to anatomically modern human..
This is a layout about the Development of Modern Human thinking and behaviors that are exhibited today...
This not only separates us from "Early Modern Human", but also defines our race through separation causing diversification, the development of the two great human cultural clades "East and West"... and various cultural and ethnic bases.

(this is based on what I know, what I have read before).

Stage 1 : The Stone Age.

Paleolithic -
This is the earliest part of the Human Stone Age, in which Homo Sapiens arrived in Europe in the form of Tribes, overtaking the Neanderthals over the course of thousands of years, and inheriting the earth.
This part of the Human Stone Age is also the last part of the Pleistocene Epoch.

This is the part of the Stone Age in which Anatomically Modern, Behaviorally Early Modern Humans dominated the earth, entirely freed of competition from lower Human forms and began to populate and become advanced hunter gatherers using stone tools.

This part of the Human Stone Age is the beginning of the Epoch that we now live in today, called the Holocene Epoch.

This is the last, and final stage of the Human Stone Age.
During this stage in the development of Human Behavior towards how people behave today...
Humans gradually stopped living as nomads, and began to live in stationary, hunter gatherer villages..
Using stone tools.
It is during this stage of the Stone Age, that humans also stopped living as Hunter Gatherers altogether, and started becoming farmers.
And then we also started to live in small societies, and not tribes at all.. but as open societies similar to how we live today.

This part of the stone age is firmly within the realm of what is the modern Holocene Epoch.
None of the iconic Pleistocene animals exist... the animals that exist are the same as what exists today.

Stage 2 - The Bronze Age.

In this state, Humans have Domesticated Animals firmly within their grasp and control, and these animals have long begun to take on Modern domestic behaviors.
Humans also do not live as Hunter Gatherers, or Tribes... but as Agricultural societies.

We do not use stone tools or bone anymore... we use Metal, and we have also begun to live in early urban environments..
We began to live in early cities now called "Ancient Civilizations".

Humans also began to write, and develop a written language, and send hand written messages to each other.

Stage 3 - The Iron Age.

In this state, Humans have surpassed nature and now largely control it...
Human populations have long become expansive and now we have the beginnings of early nations...

Human Civilization now enters the "Age of Empires"
And we now have the world's first centralized human governments, although undemocratic and mostly royal, The most powerful of which would prove to be the Roman Empire in the West, and Early Chinese society in the East.

The Roman Empire is the birth infancy of what is today "Westernization".... The Chinese, the primary competitor is the foundation of the East.

China started out way ahead in a lot of Areas... but was vastly outmatched by the Roman Empire, later on in the Roman Empire's western technological development.

The Birth of Jesus, we all know the stories about it..

But what it actually did (whether he existed or not), is to further separate and define Westernization, Easternization, Christianity, Muslim and Judaism.

The East had no concept of Jesus whatsoever.

The Believers of Jesus would become what is called "Roman Catholic" the first Christians... the Non-Believers "Jewish".
The Muslims take on a middle ground, between the two... believing Jesus to be not the Son of God.. but as Prophet.

Northern Europe, is not yet westernized, and they still believe in their Pagan gods and have not grasped Roman Technology and Urbanization.
Ultimately Northern Europe would be conquered by the Roman Empire, and Westernized, and then Christianized Roman Catholic.

Chinese easternization takes root in Muslim society later on after the Death of the Roman Empire
Which is why Muslim is considered an Eastern religion.. and not a western religion.

The legacy left behind by the Roman Empire is there...

The Holy Roman Empire represents the next stage in the Development of modern human behavior and culture.. with the tools given to them by being conquered by the Roman empire previously..

This would give rise to a powerful and advanced Northern Europe.

This gives rise to several different factions within western religion and culture... such as Protestantism, in which Northern Europeans are no longer catholic... but now Protestant..
Such denominations as Epsicopal, and Methodist, and Lutheran and that sort of thing...

British society would give rise to the concept of Common Law, Industrialization, and Civilization outside of Europe.

This would give rise to a powerful Britain and a British Empire... that gave birth to the USA, and then later.. France that help free the USA from Britain...
And within a few years after... a French Revolution that gave rise to the end of Monarch governments and Feudalism in Europe..

Giving birth to Western Republicanism, and Capitalism.


But there is still one thing missing after the golden age of Northern Europe....   Americanization.


Over the course of two centuries starting on July 4th 1776...  a chain of events would further define westernization.


The fall of Britain, and with it comes the French Revolution and the fall of Absolute Monarchies and the rise of Representative Republics.

The Industrial Revolution and the end of the age of wooden sailing ships, the birth of trains and steam ships, the downsizing of agriculture and the birth of trade, and Henry Ford's automotive revolution.

The concept that the Government plays a law and order role in the economy.

The End of Slavery, at least legitimately.

The Women's suffrage movement.

The Civil Rights Movement.

The End of Religion as the pivotal player in people's understanding of life, and the birth of Science and all its trials, errors, and occasional frauds that we laugh at today.

Two world wars that would prove that people of Germanic heritage are not the master race and that Europe is no longer the host continent for the world's most powerful country or biggest economy.

A cold war that proved that economies do best when people have freedom, and that economics is as important as anything else in politics.

An American experiment that proves to some, but not to others.... that multiculturalism works with respect.

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That's only true if you believe that TIME is real. Isn't it curious how Father Time is also depicted as the Grim Reaper? This is not coincidental in this system.




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