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A Productive economy

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 Sandy29    1

In the terms of my Micronation....

Each and every single concept that I have created to base my economy on, has yielded a much higher standard of living than what exists in the USA.

Producing all of the products ourselves without the use of robots, created a  jobs boom, and also.... the following concepts have also made things much better than things are in the USA.. but creating less jobs.

Having our cars designed in my micronation, but produced in the UK under Landrover / Jaguar has produced much better quality cars than Ford, GM and Chrysler.

Having our clothes manufactured in France and Italy has produced much more fashionable, much higher quality clothing

Having our electronics made in Japan and South Korea have produced a booming electronics market.

Having European stores like Sainsburys, and Carrefour have given us much more job security at the entry level, and higher product standards.


This is based on market research.

These are what consumers and employees care about.

So why does the USA continue to have its things made in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia etc etc etc ?

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