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Court orders children shipped back to France after Obama Administration refuses action

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In a move that should send shock-waves through the hearts and minds of the American people, a judge in Manhattan has ordered the children of celebrity Kelly Rutherford be returned to their father in Monaco, France.

The order came after Rutherford refused to return the children to their father in Monaco after they had come to visit the Gossip Girl actress. As usual, there is much more to the story, including evidence that President Obama and his gang of left-wing radicals actually care more about the rights of non citizens than those of the American people.

The custody battle between Rutherford and German businessman Daniel Giersch started in 2012 after an American judge, in an absolute travesty of a ruling, decided that the children of an American born mother should be forced to move out of the country because their fathers visa had expired.

The ruling effectively meant that two American children born in this country were being forced to live in France and their mother, an American citizen herself, would have to fly back and forth to even see her children.

Read the whole story at IntelliHub




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 CSB    1,665

Can a day go by without this complete bastard doing evil?  :balk2:

No way !!  That would be totally against his nature .   :balk2:  http://i.huffpost.com/gadgets/slideshows/280204/slide_280204_2093912_sq50.jpg

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