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Nebraska senator compares police to ISIS, says he’d shoot a cop

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This man has a good point . Who are the real terrorist ? Unarmed citizens or the police .


EQUATING COPS WITH ISIS: Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers says American police are the equivalent of ISIS, Islamic State terrorists who have beheaded journalists and executed Westerners in Iraq and Syria.

It's a sad truth here in America the thugs in black have a license to kill and claim they feared for their life . Shit man I fear for my life now when one gets behind me even with the lights are not flashing . Will we the truth seekers be next ?

By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog  March 25, 2015

LINCOLN, Neb. – A black Nebraska state senator compared American police to Islamic terrorists and suggested he’d shoot a cop if only he had a weapon.

State Sen. Ernie Chambers said during a legislative hearing on gun bills Friday that you don’t have to go halfway around the world to find an ISIS mentality. It can be found in America because police terrorize blacks every day.

He was referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has beheaded journalists and brutally executed Westerners and others.

“My ISIS is the police,” Chambers said, adding police can get away with shooting people if they “think” they’re going to do something — like pull a weapon.

“The police are licensed to kill us — children, old people,” he said.

After his comments were reported by Nebraska Watchdog and picked up by national media outlets, several Nebraska officials called on him to apologize and a senator said lawmakers are considering censuring him.


Read the complete post : http://watchdog.org/207981/isis/


This is just one comment from the page

Typical police chief. Why do we let the police investigate themselves? I'm so sick of hearing about brave cops. Please, they shouldn't be allowed to shoot until they at least see a weapon being pointed in their general direction. So many times the phrase, "unarmed suspect shot by police" appears over and over again all over this "free" country. when will the headlines read " Police officer sent to prison for life" for shooting unarmed suspects in the back? Never!!!

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To be fair, there are good cops. I believe law enforcement should hold itself to a higher standard. Pretty much like superheros, because once you weild a weapon like a gun in a society that less and less allows the citizen to do the same (due to the irresponsibility of the citizen. Boo all ya want. The founders built a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. Flaws? Sure. French had over 100 amendments after thier revolution, we've needed less than 30 because of how well the foundation was set. Anyone that works with thier hands or thier head knows this.) you basically have a super power. The power of death over life. And thus, should act proper. I am blessed, as that kinda nonsense is far from home for me, and I truely hope and pray those plague with corrupt law enforcement to the degree of endangering the lives of the citizens they are swore to protect and serve are replaced by thoses that comphrend the weight that the badge carries.

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