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‘When I Say Cut Taxes, I Don’t Mean Fiddle With the Code. I Mean Abolish the Income Tax and the IRS, and Replace Them With Nothing’

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 Cinnamon    27,560

The quote in the headline comes from Ron Paul, and it should be the goal of every conservative lawmaker in the entire country. When professional politicians tell you that they are in favor of reforming the tax code or reducing taxes a little bit, essentially what they are telling you is that they are perfectly fine with the status quo. They may want to tweak things slightly, but in general they are content with big taxes, big spending and big government. I spent an entire year getting a Master of Laws in Taxation at the University of Florida Law School, and in my opinion the best thing that Congress could do to the tax code would be to run it through a shredder and put it in a dumpster. As I noted the other day, the tax code is now more than four million words long and it takes Americans about six billion dollars a year to comply with it. Those that believe that they are offering the American people a “solution” by proposing to tinker with this abominable mess are just fooling themselves.



I too would like for the IRS to be GONE. 

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 JayDee    1,468
2 hours ago, RhetoricalRebel said:

Repeal the 16th amendment. :clap1:

It wasn't properly ratified to begin with. Over 100 years of total fraud. 

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