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World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure

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Leaders from a diverse collection of religious communities issued an extraordinary statement for world unity in a video message released last week. The call to world unity is a prelude to disclosure of extraterrestrial life according to independent sources working with secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode.

The world religious leaders came together on June 14 to make a joint statement through a video calling on people to embrace ideas of friendship and unity, and to overcome negativity and division in society. It is available in 16 languages and features leaders from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other faiths.


Here is something you won't see on the mainstream cabal news outlets.  

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 Waitn4end    179

I can see them now...like a bunch of oil tycoons.   They are all sitting around discussing how to convince their flocks that all the religions are still right and we need to have faith...and keep supporting the preachers in their lavish life styles.  They have to come up with some plausible story to keep us under control and under their spells.  

It should be pretty entertaining to see them welcoming all the new heathens and telling them "God was waiting for them to come into the fold."  If they have too many fingers or scales...it is going to be hard convincing us they too were made in the image and likeness of god.  

Who knows...maybe they have gods who are smarter than our gods.  They most certainly are smarter and more evolved than we are...so are we still the only ones allowed in that heaven they invented?

Yup...it is still so true...You can fool some of the people all of the time...and all of the people some of the time...but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  

No wonder the PTB still claim there are no ETs...they are buying time to figure out their press releases.

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 Curenado    977

No, its just that old thing from the 70's "terrorist➡terror nation➡Asteroids!...and if all else fails➡aliens"

Chimp chump bucket, same as ever.

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