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Judge Napolitano Explains the Importance of Natural Law

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In this video, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano spoke to a group of people at the Mises Institutes conference in 2014 about the importance of Natural Law and why learning about our natural rights is essential for restoring our freedom. If you do not know who Judge Napolitano is, he is a senior judicial analyst for Fox News. He used to have a show on Fox called Freedom Watch. cont



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 rbear    240

Sacred Power of Natural Law: How To Defend Your Rights

Discover the magnificent power inside you, and how to use Natural Law and Man’s Law to defend your rights. This seminar is a continuation of Chang’s first seminar: Secrets of the Financial System, How to Become Debt Free, Introduction to Natural Law.


 The sacred powers of Thought, ... This is why if you mention your common law or constitutionalrights in a U.S. courtroom, the judge may tell you to sit down and shut ... Doing this will help you learn how to defend your natural rights.


Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations

If you really want to see manipulation Go watch the Video Obama election results two weeks early on judge show, and if you really want to see a biggest Fraud of all Read these 108 pages and watch this Video.

conveniently down, (orig), might want to see online backup



Supporters if you use face book please contact http://omnithought.org
and let them know that there Pages are being Blocked for exposing the
TRUTH. They Don’t want you to Read this 108 pages that exposes the TRUTH
about the Big Fraud.
please contact them, I don’t use FB.



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