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THE TRUMP PROPHECIES ~ a book by Mark Taylor & Mary Colbert

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This book has 232 pages & has a lot of padding.....Bible verses ,   etc...

I will summarize it as best I can ........Taylor had the words and Colbert helped him write it...

The Lord chose Trump to save America & Trump's "army "  of people will lead the world out of the liberal ,

corrupt system we have now......Bill & Hillary will be prosecuted & brought low....Nothing about Obama ....

There will be no WWIII . Taylor says the Lord told him HE will save a billion souls. { I take that to mean the

rest of the earth's population will die .}

Trump will place 5 members on the Supreme Court.......For America there won't be a lot of doom. God

is going after the corrupt Powers That Be , the politicians , Business leaders , Bankers , in the USA, but not the

ordinary people.  However I doubt if the Lord is going to save the liberlas, Commies , Muslims , etc...


Note : to be honest there were NOT many predictions in this book....No Planet X , ....He says Russia & the US will

join forces and destroy ISIS....He says nothing about Israel , Europe, the ME , Fukushima, ......

The guy sounds sincere but I have to wonder if there will be a sequel to this book....

I am posting this vid but I have not watched it....



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Published on Jun 17, 2017





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Mark Taylor, God's Army, Winning  

Published on Jun 21, 2017

The Spirit of God Spoke to Mark about the Army of God to rise up and it has. Evil is losing control we hear it and see it. We see the positive effects of the Army of God, but the fight is not over.


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