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Bill Warner, PhD: Islam & Inbreeding

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 ESET    1,226


Islam and Inbreeding -
I'd like to talk to you about a subject that's not frequently mentioned, inbreeding. Do an experiment for yourself, go to your computer and Google Islam inbreeding, and I think you'll be stunned at the results:
In the Arab world, 40 to 50% of all marriages are inbred.
In Egypt, 40% of the marriages are to a first cousin.
In Saudi Arabia, 2/3 of the people who marry marry a close relative. And in Britain, the Pakistani refuges, 55% of their marriages are to first cousins.

Now, the result of inbreeding is genetic damage, you get increased diseases, mental retardation, and lower intelligence. I call inbreeding a crime against the next generation. Now why is there so much inbreeding in Islam? Well, if you think about it you know the answer. Because of Muhammad, he married his first cousin, so that makes that process Sunna.

The Koran lays out rules of marriage, but it allows first cousins to marry. This is in Koran 4:23. So according to the Sharia, divine law, inbreeding is good. And what are the results of the Sharia? Half of Muslims are inbred, with lower intelligence, insanity rates are higher with inbred people, and the closer you are in blood relation, the more schizophrenia there is. In Denmark, three times as many Muslims fail the military intelligence test as the average Dane. 2/3 of all the Muslims in Denmark are illiterate. And in Denmark, education for slow children, slow learners, accounts for 1/3 of their educational budget. It's expensive to have such people.

Sharia is evil, since it dictates the suffering of people is Allah's wish. Now think about this, Islam says it is destined to rule the world, and if it does inbreeding will be everywhere and humanity will actually devolve. And this can't be changed, because the Sharia is Allah's law.

But why are we silent about Sharia, suffering? Why can't we educate about this harm? How can we go about trying to show that this is wrong? Oh wait a minute, we can't do this because this would be offensive to Muslims. So we won't be including incest in part of the explanation about the beauty of Islam in our schools. Can we find a Muslim who will say that inbreeding is wrong, will he abjure this because science agrees it is wrong? Can we run a social program to educate immigrants who come here about genetic damage? Well, as good as that sounds, because it would reduce suffering, that would be Islamophobic. How evil does something have to get before we can talk about it? I want to prevent a crime against the next generation. Am I a bigot to talk, and are you afraid to talk? This is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed. Again, go out and Google Islam and inbreeding and see what you think.

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 sybdragon    1,732

Some states used to have blood tests before they would allow you to get married. Not sure what they were looking for but they could make it mandatory that if you want to use the 'official' marriage stuff, eg. taxes, inheritance, etc. Gays wanted to be recognized because of it. And Muslims also want all the money they can get. Being married has some perks you do not get when you just live with someone. You used to have to pay for this blood test and I would think the DNA test would be cheap now-a-days. They are only looking for one thing, how close are you related so... should be a breeze huh? 

And it's illegal to marry your cousin in the USA. Found a site. Come to find out.... In the states I have lived over 15 years in each, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, it is illegal. In the states I have lived in less than or around a year, California and Tennessee... cousin marriages are legal. So it is state specific as to whether it's allowed in the USA. That's gross anyway. First cousin? Gross!!! :s439:


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