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Obama/CIA vs. Latin America

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Obama's stealth warfare in Latin America increases. Incidentally, our reports on the covert operations of America's "El Gringo Negro" have hit a nerve with Obama's intelligence groupies, aka Cass Sunstein's sock puppets, so these reports shall remain and be expanded:

  1. Colombia's Zuluaga received signals intelligence from U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Glenn Greenwald better hope to hell Colombia isn't the target country of NSA's MYSTIC program and that "Country X" is actually Afghanistan. In that he censored his latest "report," by not naming Colombia, if that is the mysterious "Country X," he would have played into the hands of the current CIA and NSA election tampering in that nation. But he already knows that.
  2. Costa Rican president demands answers from U.S. on ZunZuneo caper. President Solis won't get them from Obama.
  3. Right-wing Colombian presidential candidate accused of spying on government-FARC talks. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga is backed by Zionist lickspittle Alvaro Uribe and the Obama administration.
  4. Guatemala Congress right-wingers pass resolution denying the 36-year genocide. The genocide was engineered by the CIA and Israel.
  5. Cuba arrests 4 Miami-based gusano terrorists planning attacks in Cuba. Let's hope they hang like all American "El Qaeda" terrorists should.
  6. As bodyguard for Maduro is assassinated, Venezuela and new Panamanian president agree to restore relations. cont 

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