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The Flat-Earth Myth and Creationism

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The flat-earth myth and creationism


Flat Earth is sure being pushed hard!  Though I do not spend my time on this, I did want to offer up another viewpoint. Not all Christians (and you don't have to go to church to be one) believe the Bible supports FE ...  A very in-depth study here:

"The idea that Christians once commonly believed in a flat earth for theological reasons is a myth. The story was invented to promote the claim that Christians have widely resisted scientific advancement due to doctrinal constraints. A major motivating factor behind propagating this myth has been to bolster the Darwinian worldview and to further the goal of displacing the biblical worldview. No evidence exists to support the common claim that scientists were once persecuted for opposing the flat-earth belief or advocating the spherical earth view, which has been commonly accepted for millennia."


SOURCE:  http://creation.com/the-flat-earth-myth-and-creationism

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 Tarmalen    1,320

When people stop believing in lies then we can move forward...until then....

go religion..../s

P.S. FE =round dinner plate (Their example not mine)......yet....they use "no curve" as the basis of refuting round earth...


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