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John R. Allen

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John R. AllenAO(born December 15, 1953) is a retiredUnited States Marine Corps four-star General, and past Deputy Commander of U.S. Central Command, prior to serving as Commander of theInternational Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A). On 13 September 2014, the United States appointed General Allen as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).[1] etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_R._Allen

The Tragedy of General John Allen

Danny Klaidman of the now all-digitalNewsweek says that’s what it is. The Marine four-star general, after getting good marks for his stewardship in Afghanistan, finds himself wounded by an I-Email-D just as he is slated to ascend to perhaps the most prestigious overseas posting in the U.S. military: Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and NATO’s top military officer.

It does sound Shakespearean. Here’s theCliffs Notes version of Klaidman’s piece: cont http://nation.time.com/2013/03/01/the-tragedy-of-general-john-allen/

What a wonderful way to distract the public from the issues that really matter.  Most likely now a long term series of worthless congressional hearings followed by more new regulations to divert the populace. 

“He ‘sacrificed’ himself in order to ‘save the CIA’ and his strategy of long-term alliance-building with ‘moderate’ Islamist regimes while forming short-term tactical alliances with the jihadists to overthrow secular Arab regimes.” 
If ever there was a real soap opera it’s the events now surrounding David Petraeus.  Now involved is General John Allen, Congressman Eric Cantor, Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelly, unnamed FBI agent, Holly Petraeus, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and President Barack Obama. 



By James Petras
November 21, 2012
The headline stories claim that CIA Director General David Petraeus resigned as head of the CIA because of an adulterous relation with his young biographer and that General John Allen, Supreme Commander of US troops in Afghanistan, was under investigation and his promotion to top commander of US troops in Europe was on hold, because, we are told, of his ‘inappropriate’ comments in the exchange of e-mails with a civilian female friend.
We are told that a ‘hard-charging’ local FBI agent, Frederick Humphries, Jr., had uncovered amorous e-mails sent by General Petraeus to his girlfriend-biographer in the course of investigating a complaint of ‘cyber-stalking’.
Out of concern that the General’s ‘adulterous behavior’ posed a risk to US national security, Florida-based FBI Agent Humphries handed the evidence over to one of Washington, DC’s most powerful Republican, Congressman Eric Cantor, who in turn passed them on to the Director of the FBI, leading to Petraeus resignation.
In other words, we are asked to believe that a single, low-ranking, zealous FBI agent has toppled the careers of two top US Generals: one in charge of the principle global intelligence agency, the CIA, and the other in command of the US and allied combat forces in the principle theater of military engagement ~ on the basis of infidelity and flirtatious banter!
Nothing could be more far-fetched simply on prima facie evidence.
In the sphere of tight hierarchical organizations, like the military or the CIA, where the activity and behavior of subordinate functionaries is centrally directed and any investigation is subject to authorization by senior officials (most especially regarding prying into the private correspondences of the heads of the CIA and of strategic military operations), the idea that a lone agent might operate free-lance is preposterous.
A ‘cowboy’ agent could not simply initiate investigation into such ‘sensitive’ targets as the head of the CIA and a General in an active combat zone without the highest level authorization or a network of political operatives with a much bigger agenda.
This has much deeper political implications than uncovering a banal sexual affair between two consenting security-cleared adults despite the agent’s claim that fornication constitutes a threat to the United States.
Clearly we are in deep waters here: This involves political intrigue at the highest level and has profound national security implications, involving the directorship of the CIA and clandestine operations, intelligence reports, multi-billion dollar expenditures and US efforts to stabilize client regimes and destabilize target regimes.
CIA intelligence reports identifying allies and enemies are critical to shaping global US foreign policy. Any shift at the top of the US Empire’s operational command can and does have strategic importance.
The ‘outing’ of General Allen, the military commander in charge of Afghanistan, the US main zone of military operations occurs at a crucial time, with the scheduled forced withdrawal of US combat troops and when the Afghan ‘sepoys’, the soldiers and officers of the puppet Karzai regime, are showing major signs of disaffection, is clearly a political move of the highest order.
What are the political issues behind the beheading of these two generals?
Who benefits and who loses?
At the global level, both Generals have been unflinching supporters of the US Empire, most especially the military-driven components of empire building. Both continue to carry out and support the serial wars launched by Presidents Bush and Obama against Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as, the numerous proxy wars against Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, etc. But both Generals were known to have publicly taken positions unpopular with certain key factions of the US power elite.
CIA Director, General Petraeus has been a major supporter of the proxy wars in Libya and Syria. In those efforts he has promoted a policy of collaboration with right-wing Islamist regimes and Islamist opposition movements, including training and arming Islamist fundamentalists in order to topple targeted, mostly secular, regimes in the Middle East.
In pursuit of this policy ~ Petraeus has had the backing of nearly the entire US political spectrum. However, Petraeus was well aware that this ‘grand alliance’ between the US and the right-wing Islamist regimes and movements to secure imperial hegemony, would require re-calibrating US relations with Israel. 
According to Petraeus ~ a liability

Petraeus viewed Netanyahu’s proposed war with Iran, his bloody land grabs in the Occupied Territories of Palestine and the bombing, dispossession and assassination of scores of Palestinians each month, were a liability as Washington sought support from the Islamist regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gulf States, Iraq and Yemen.
Petraeus implied this in public statements and behind closed doors he advocated the withdrawal of US support for Israel’s violent settler expansion into Palestine, even urging the Obama regime to pressure Netanyahu to reach some settlement with the pliable US client Abbas leadership.
Above all, Petraeus backed the violent jihadists in Libya and Syria while opposing an Israel-initiated war against Iran, which he implied, would polarize the entire Moslem world against the Washington-Tel Aviv alliance and ‘provoke the US-proxy supplied Islamist fundamentalists to turn their arms against their CIA patrons.
The imperial policy, according to General Petraeus’ world view, was in conflict with Israel’s strategy of fomenting hostility among Islamist regimes and movements against the US and, especially, the Jewish state’s promotion of regional conflicts in order to mask and intensify its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.
Central to Israeli strategy and what posed the most immediate threat to the implementation of a Petraeus’ doctrine was the influence of the Zionist power configuration (ZPC) in and out of the US government.
As soon as General Petraeus’ report naming Israel as a ‘strategic liability’ became known, the ZPC sprang into action and forced Petraeus to retract his statements ~ at least publicly. But once he became head of the CIA, Petraeus continued the policy of working with right-wing Islamist regimes and arming and providing intelligence to jihadi fundamentalists in order to topple independent secular regimes, first in Libya, then on to Syria.
This policy was placed under the spotlight in Benghazi with the killing of the US ambassador to Libya and several CIA/Special Forces operatives by CIA-backed terrorists leading to a domestic political crisis, as key Republican Congress people sought to exploit the Obama administration’s diplomatic failure. They especially targeted the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, whose maladroit efforts to obscure the real source of the attacks in Benghazi, have undermined her nomination to replace Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State.
General Petraeus, faced with mounting pressure from all sides: from the ZPC over his criticism of Israel and overtures to Islamist regimes, from the Republicans over the Benghazi debacle and from the FBI, over the personal investigation into his girlfriend and hyped up media smear, gave in. He ‘fessed up’ to a ‘sexual affair’, saluted and resigned. In so doing, he ‘sacrificed’ himself in order to ‘save the CIA’ and his strategy of long-term alliance-building with ‘moderate’ Islamist regimes while forming short-term tactical alliances with the jihadists to overthrow secular Arab regimes.
The key political operative behind the high-level FBI operation against Petraeus has been House Majority leader Eric Cantor, who cynically claims that the General’s romantic epistles represent a national security threat.

We are told that Congressman Cantor gravely passed the e-mails and reports he had received from the ‘Lone Ranger’ FBI agent Humphries to FBI Director Mueller ordering Mueller to act on the investigation or else face his own Congressional inquiry. 

Left: Odious smug Israel firster Eric Cantor, fangs retracted.
Washington-based Representative Cantor is a zealous lifetime Israel-firster and has been hostile to the Petraeus report and the General’s assessment of the Middle East. Florida-based, Agent Humphries was not just any old conscientious gum-shoe: 

He was a notorious Islamaphobe engaged in finding terrorists under every bed. His claim to fame (or infamy) was that he had arrested two Muslims, one of whom, he claimed, was preparing to bomb the Los Angeles airport while the other allegedly planned a separate bombing.
In a judicial twist, unusual in this era of FBI sting operations, both men were acquitted of the plots for lack of evidence, although one was convicted for publishing an account of how to detonate a bomb with a child’s toy! Agent Humphries was transferred from Washington State to Tampa, Florida – home of the US military’s Central Command (CENTCOM).
Despite their clear differences in station and location, there are ideological affinities between House Majority Whip Cantor and Agent Humphries ~ and possibly a common dislike of General Petraeus. Concerns over his Islamophobic and ideological zealotry may explain why the FBI quickly yanked Agent Humphries out from his mission of ‘obsessive’ prying into CIA Director Petraeus and General Allan’s e-mails. Undeterred by orders from his superiors in the FBI, Agent Humphries went directly to fellow zealot Congressman Cantor.
Who would have benefited from Petraeus ouster?
One of the top three candidates to replace him as head of the CIA is Jane Harmon, former California Congresswoman and Zionist uber-zealot. In another twist of justice, in 2005 the Congresswoman had been captured on tape by the National Security Agency telling Israeli Embassy personnel that she would use her influence to aid two AIPAC officials who had confessed to handing classified US documents to the Israeli Mossad, if the AIPAC could round up enough Congressional votes to make her Chairwoman of the US House Committee on Intelligence, an act bordering on treason, for which she was never held to account.
If she were to take his position, the ousting of CIA Director Petraeus could represent to the greatest ‘constitutional coup’ in US history: the appointment of a foreign agent to control the world’s biggest, deadliest and richest spy agency. Who would benefit from the fall of Petraeus?
~ first and foremost
~ the State of Israel.

etc cont https://web.archive.org/web/20130308055909/http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2012/11/elite-intrigues-its-not-about-sex-stupid.html

Retired Gen. John R. Allen in Line to Lead Effort vs. ISIS

JIDDA, Saudi Arabia — John R. Allen, the retired Marine general who served as the top American commander in Afghanistan, has been picked by the Obama administration to coordinate the international effort against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a senior administration official said Thursday.

The Obama administration has stressed the importance of building a broad international coalition to combat the militant group, and General Allen has long experience working with leaders in the region.


'The Petraeus Files': Jill Kelley & Gen. John Allen's Leaked Emails Revealed (BOOK EXCERPT

Look, there's a perfectly good explanation for the rumors that Jill Kelley and Gen. John Allen had an inappropriate email relationship. And we have the leaked emails to prove it. (Even though Kelley denies anything untoward took place, and Allen has been cleared of all wrongdoing.)

Writer and performer Ted Travelstead's new book, "The Petraeus Files," is a humorous look at the scandalous events that could have transpired leading up to the surprise resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus.

"The Petreaus Files" will be available February 12. Below is an exclusive excerpt from the book, revealing the actual reason Kelley and Allen exchanged so many emails: Their shared love of TV fan fiction. etc http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/23/the-petraeus-files-jill-kelley-gen-john-alley-leaked-emails_n_2537551.html

General John Allen (too much to list here) so see link


https://duckduckgo.com/?q=General+John+Allen&ia=about (more)


Terrorist routing of military forces leads U.S. to bolster tribes

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has responded to the recent routing the Sunni forces in Iraq and Syria received from ISIS terrorists, and announced a new campaign to equip and train the friendly fighters a lot faster.

“I think one particular way that’s extremely important is to involve the Sunni tribes in the fight,” Carter said, according to the Hill. “That means training and equipping them. So those are the kinds of things that the team … is looking at.” etc http://www.wnd.com/2015/05/pentagon-to-train-sunni-forces-to-fight-isis/



Pentagon Trains More Tiny Forces to Fight ISIS After First 54 Disappear

by S. Noble • August 8, 2015


Pentagon Trainees aka Sitting Ducks

Obama sought and obtained $500 million tax dollars to train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS. It was appropriated for 3,000 to 5,000 fighters but for various reasons, all they could get were 60 at the time and they don’t have many more now.

Only 54 Syrian rebels  completed the U.S. training. Of those, at least one was killed last week and as many as five of the leaders were captured by the Nusra Front militants who attacked the New Syrian Forces’ compound.

U.S. officials have also acknowledged that after the fight, which they said the Nusra Front lost, some of the New Syrian Forces left the area and not all have been accounted for.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Asked if any of the 54 had returned to battle, Ryder said he would not divulge details on where individuals may be. He said the New Syrian Forces are not under U.S. command and control. Instead, once they are trained they return to the Syrian rebel groups that the U.S. has been working with.


Now onto recently...

Syrian Terrorist Rebels Just Trained In a Program Pushed by ISIS Czar Allen Immediately Defect to Al-Qaeda/ISIS; This Program Must End Now; More on the Horrors of ISIS Sex Slavery; Is Nightmare Scenario for Syria Realistic, or Just Another Gambit from Allen with Obama on Vacation? Aug 18,2005

General Allen is a macabre laughingstock once again in Syria with the help of his crony Recep Erdogan, turning an alleged anti-ISIS fighting force into an ally of insurgents waging war against the legitimate Syrian government. After Obama announced last year that the Pentagon would begin training “moderate” terrorist rebels and death squad members to fight ISIS, not the Assad government, Allen’s policy insured that the newly trained US puppets marched more or less directly from their training camps into the ranks of the most extreme terrorists, with the so-called “Division 30”of US puppets now fraternizing with ISIS and fighting to destroy the Syrian nation-state.

Division 30, officially the “New Syrian Forces,” is a 54-man group (hardly a division-more like a platoon) that was trained by the US-led coalition against ISIS to become the kernel for a new Syrian national army solely fighting extremists in the region. After crossing the border into Syria from Turkey late July, one of the leading Al-Qaeda affiliates in the area, Jabhat Al-Nusra, attackedDivision 30, killing five members and taking their commander hostage as well as at least thirteen other soldiers. Division 30 has since reneged on their US-assigned role and said they would not fight against Al-Nusra; instead they pledged to fight against the Syrian government forces. Allen and Erdogan apparently never intended the soldiers in Division 30 to be anti-ISIS fighters at all; the soldiers released a statement saying they were, “on the same page with all holy warriors in Syria.” The program under which these terrorist rebels were trained should be immediately defunded and shut down.

Yesterday, to further reveal they were never “moderate” to begin with, Division 30 praised Al-Nusra saying, “Seven Division 30 fighters who were being held by the brothers in Al-Nusra Front have been freed.” Al-Nusra touted the release of the hostages as a gesture of “good will” towards Division 30. etc cont http://tarpley.net/syrian-terrorist-rebels-just-trained-in-a-program-pushed-by-isis-czar-allen-immediately-defect-to-al-qaeda-isis/



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 Just curious? What does r bear stand for ?  Is it a play on words to all of us stupid Americans for Russian bear? 

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now don't be offended. But I read that thread I did not believe you then I do not believe you now .

What is it not to believe? I am thinking that maybe you are one of those when presented with the facts, are not ready to accept them, as your post shows.

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What is it not to believe? I am thinking that maybe you are one of those when presented with the facts, are not ready to accept them, as your post shows.

obviously you are using some definition of the word facts I was previously unaware of ?

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Frustrated Ex-General Allen stepping down over lack of mission resources 9-22-15

There is a lot more to this than is being told now...

Editor’s Note:  They rarely make public why someone goes. Silly me, I would have thought that the “moderates” training program for $500 million that has been a huge disaster might have had something to do with it.

The forward air controller story seems strange, as they use drones to do that now, and have been doing it for some time. Suspicious me, I sense he felt he was on a sinking ship and his career was more marketable by leaving now versus later, but that is just my hunch. We might know more when he writes his book… Jim W. Dean ]

Update:  This just in from eagle eye commenter Carnaptious below:

Allen’s departure could be related to the fairly humiliating experience with the most recent group of US trained “moderate rebels.” It seems the latest group of 70-75 freshly trained men entered Syria, and almost immediately “handed over a very large amount of ammunition and medium weaponry and a number of pick-ups” to the al-Nusra front, in exchange for safe passage (and, possibly, enough money to get them to Germany?). etc cont http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/09/22/frustrated-ex-general-allen-stepping-down-over-lack-of-mission-resources/

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