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The precipe of darkness!

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 Ukshep    19,873

We sit on the precipe of darkness with the edge of tomorrow within grasp and now we start to understand the plan in motion. It is up to each and every one of us to look in the mirror and decide for ourselves exactly what kind of people we are and exactly what we are willing to do to save our nations from themselves. The left and the right division. How to truly unite the people for once.

That is if I was letting my mind spill out and all over the floor. But that is not what I can do now is it.

So I have to ask myself if this is just normal to start letting my mind slip out things like this or if this is a side effect of the life we all now lead due to the world we now live in :D

Live on and be happy!

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 DRUMZ    1,045

Unite a bunch of retards? 

Go for it!


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