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Who Wins The Currency Devaluation War?

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 AnonG    25

(N.Morgan) The enigma in question of who wins the currency war presumes that any of the participating adversary will have the ability to claim victory.

If winning is composed of who ends up with the most money as a store of palpable assets is degraded it is improbable a clear victory can be declared.

The complete idiocy of lowering the purchasing power of a country’s currency  to enable exports to be more competitive is economic sacrilege that the heretical “Free Trade” mythos is based upon.

Without any stable standard of objective comparison, floating currencies maneuver their exchange rates to disguise internal imbalances in their own political and economic expenditures.   


With all of the ruckus following the recent Chinese devaluation, the rupture in the foreign exchange markets has shown signs of a panic. 

Accounts from the economic press vary from the country reporting the slant on the forthcoming fallout. 

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 Cryptic Mole    3,596

The girl at my bank who I have befriended over the many years of their services warned me
2 months ago. She said "something is up." I asked her what she meant, and she said, "I can't
tell you, but be careful." Of course I already knew, but it would've been nice to hear her confirm
it, and in a certain sense, I suppose she did!

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