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Our Cultural Decay Mirrors Frankfurt School Program

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 Remember, the Khazars have been the Ashkenazi Jewish people in Europe, since 1100 AD.  These are the ones discussed below and not the “real Jews” of the Bible and that is why all of this garbage since 1100 AD, and its why they got kicked out of Mongolia in 750 AD,  invaded since about 800 AD, and finally kicked out of Khazaria and migrated into Eastern Europe as the Ashkenazi Jews since around 1100 AD.  

We also published blogs proving these were the Satanists of the Jewish cabala religion.  They have legalized prostitution in Israel,  they are the most arrested for Child paedophilia and sexual abuse,  they are the promoters and biggest group and merchants of Pornography and also wrote the protocols in 1897 that laid out the plan to ruin families and attack Christianity due to the moral codes that both provide. 

This below shows how this group were the biggest communist group of the day and that is why they so much resemble  those doing such damage to us today.  This write up of history on this group is extremely educational and surprisingly relevant to what is happening to day.  

You will see it right away as you begin to read the list of their “tactics” they intended to use to achieve their objective.  Its an indictable list of offenses that they should be prosecuted for and we should be ashamed that we allowed them to get away with it.


I covered this before on link , however the link is further being disected as it contains so much info. I would encourage all to view it.

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