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Asgard: The Nine Worlds

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 McWest    878

Indeed.  Norse culture is something that I've never truly explored either besides chanting: " I'm running out of ammunition. I'm going to have to ram him.  I'll see you in Valhalla!" [(In a cheesy German accent, drunk, with some of my old drinking buddies, (which was an excerpt from a documentary about a German WWII ace.)]  Honestly, I've looked into Norse culture a wee bit more than that, but not much more!  However,  I'm definitely going to have to dive deeper into the Norse culture.  Norse culture seems to hold some pieces to the "puzzle."

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 Lucy Barnable    2,678

I haven't looked into Norse mythology much either but what I have read is really interesting.
The Catholics did their best to destroy their culture and history.
I'm glad they didn't completely succeed.

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